A Case For The Travel Pillow Case

A Case For The travel Pillow Case

By now you have probably purchased a travel pillow with a special travel pillow case. They are everywhere. Men, women and children are all carrying around their own special pillows these days. Whether it’s on the train commute, by air, by car or by sea, little travel pillows in their special little travel pillow cases are being used to hold up the weary heads of America. If so many are now being seen in public, just imagine the revolution going on at home, on the sofa, in the bed.

There are as many travel pillow cases as there are travel pillow options. There are the inflatable pillows, the tempurpedic pillows, the foam pillows, the flax seed, goose down, synthetic down, and the water pillows. There is one which must have been made for menopausal women called the Chillow as it has a liquid core to keep you cool. Then, after making that exhaustive choice, you have to choose the proper casing.

Some of the materials available today for your pillow case are: soft plush velour, silk, woven brushed microfiber, 100% cotton,300-1000 thread count Egyptian cotton, cotton/poly blend, velvet, suede microfiber, and even cashmere.

One website even boasts personalized travel pillow cases with various motifs including: cheerleading, baseball, soccer, dinosaurs, horses, butterflies and ballet for the smaller traveler. Another company offers 100% cotton standard size pillowcases with colorable designs. Kids can use the enclosed fabric markers and create their own special pillow case.

Pillow cases also come with anti-microbial treatments and some can even double as a washcloth. One website even boasted a baby travel pillowcase that is “buttery soft ‘mink dot’ velour.” Every baby needs one of these. Some have little pockets; some even hold your I-pod and earphones.

If you own a travel pillow you must have a travel pillow case or maybe even two so that you have one to use while the other is washing and drying. Smart travelers have found a dirty travel pillow case can double as a laundry sack while you’re on the road. We certainly don’t want to get our tidies and untidiness mixed up, now would we?

So whether you are the luxurious cashmere type or the good old soft flannel sort, there are literally hundreds of travel pillow cases to choose from. And since your head is now so rested you may even get a creative streak and design and sew your own. Who knows, this could even become your own cottage industry! In any case, make sure your travel pillow case is the one you dream of and you’ll be sleeping like a baby before you know it.

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