Airline Travel…3000 Miles With a Squealing Brat

Airline travel…3000 Miles With a Squealing Brat

I’ve just completed another one of those cross country flights from Seattle to Baltimore that I’ve come to ‘love’ so well. The flight itself was uneventful, good weather for flying and the dining fare of peanuts and soda was delightful. But seriously the folks at United were very nice, and all and all it wouldn’t have been a bad flight except for a ‘little’ problem that we had for the whole trip from Denver to Baltimore…. a non-stop wailing from some three year old across from the row I was sitting in. Is it just me or does every flight have one of these kids that will just not SHUT UP for the whole flight. And the worse thing is the mom just sits there smiling at the kid looking so proud and saying isn’t she just adorable. NO LADY, SHE’S A BRAT! Will you do something to muzzle her?

I was thinking, and this question is directed at the airlines themselves, would it be possible to install a wailing room on the airlines at the back of the plane? I mean could you install a sound proof room where all the moms and dads can take their little ‘darlings’ to sit and yoller and scream for four hours to their heart’s delight? It may sound like I hate kids but I don’t. I just don’t want to listen to some kid for four hours screaming and yelling, and the mom or dad saying, “time out Heather, time out”. It got to the point where me and the young man sitting next to me where making ugly faces at the kid hoping we would scare the kid into silence, but that didn’t work either.

If my travels are any indication, I believe there are many people who would be willing to spend a little more for a ‘sound proof wailing section’ at the back of the plan designated strictly for parents with young whinny children. We could designate it the ‘ Screaming, Hollering, Yoodling, Whining, Obnoxious Kid and Parent Section’. And for the rest of us it would be the ‘Silence is Golden’ section or perhaps ‘No Mo Noise’ or whatever. As Nike used to say, ‘Just Do It’.

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