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Always buy this item at the airport before boarding to save money

Flights: Airport gadget shopping trick

Flights: Save money and shop at the airport for this particular item (Image: Getty)

Airport shops often sell all of the necessities for travellers who may have forgotten something at the last minute.

Toiletries, travel plugs and clothes are some of the most popular items to be bought before boarding the plane.

However, there is one way passengers can save money when shopping at the airport as opposed to paying overpriced costs.

Lea Claxton, Head of Retail at London Stansted Airport spoke to Express.co.uk exclusively on one of the best tricks when shopping.

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Airport trick makes passengers spend more money

The best money-saving hack is to buy gadgets at the airport, such as Kindles or GoPros.

Both are often an important part of a relaxing holiday yet can often be left behind or broken before travelling.

Ms Claxton said: “Dixon Travel offers an impressive price promise to their customers.”

“Customers that find any of their products on Amazon, John Lewis, Argos or Jessops (excluding third party sellers) for cheaper will be discounted double the difference instantly.”

This means that it can often be the cheapest place to buy them when travelling through the airport, something many may not realise and often resort to online shopping before a holiday.

Flights: Airport gadget shopping trick

Flights: Shops such as Dixon offer the cheapest gadgets on the market (Image: Getty)

It isn’t the only clever way to save money at the airport when travelling.

A big expense can be paying for excess baggage with many airlines charging high amounts per additional kilogram.

Travel website Kiwi.com have advised using the empty check-in desks to easily avoid this.

“If you’ve arrived at the airport and worried that your luggage may be slightly over the limit, don’t wait until you reach the check-in desk, or pay for the scales!” they said.

“Nip over to an unmanned check-in desk – the scales are always switched on, and you’ll have a few extra minutes to redistribute your weight.”

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Flights: Airport gadget shopping trick

Flights: Passengers needing new cameras or tablets are best to wait until airport shopping (Image: Getty)

Any passengers travelling with valuable items and expensive electronics should be careful not to be a target of theft.

A rising concern has seen thieves buying cheap red-eye plane tickets to be allowed through security.

They then target security trays, often full of expensive items that have to be removed from hand luggage.

While the owner is still being searched or allowed through, they take the opportunity to steal the items, knowing the owner will not have time to investigate before flying.

Passengers are advised to file a police report along with asking security to check CCTV if they are a victim.

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