Astral Travel Music – How to Have Your FIRST Astral Projection in 60 Minutes (No Bull)

Astral travel Music – How to Have Your FIRST Astral Projection in 60 Minutes (No Bull)

Is astral travel real? Can you really have an out of body experience without any drugs, danger or needing to be “near death”? And if so….HOW so? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at how you can have your first astral projection experience in 60 minutes or less. (even if you’ve never even heard of any of this before!) Sound interesting? Great…..continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Okay…..but I heard you needed to be close to death or in some serious danger to have an astral projection experience. Isn’t that still true?

Absolutely not, no. The fact is, people have been having induced, planned and well documented astral projection experiences for hundreds (if not thousands) of years without ever being in any danger (or near death) whatsoever.

Aren’t drugs the ONLY way to induce an OBE without it happening spontaneously?

Again, not at all! While some people have used drugs to induce the OBE experience quite successfully (notably Timothy Leary, Stalisav Grof and many other early pioneers of altered states) the fact is, this is NOT the way 90% of astral projection experiences are induced. As a matter of fact…..I don’t recommend this approach at all, as it’s not legal, and not reliable either. (as in…you can never be sure if you had a real experience, or one driven by the drugs!)

So what is the fastest way to have my first projection experience in an hour? I’ve never been able to have ANY success before.

The truth? Using music, or special sound technology to “entrain your brain” into an altered state of consciousness is without question the most successful, and most easily replicable way to induce an OBE or astral projection. In reality, your brain waves can be synchronized to enter a state that most brain scientists believe is highly conducive to exceptional, transcendent experiences….and of course, the BIGGEST type of this experience is certainly one where your consciousness LEAVES your body, and enters into another realm.

Remember……tens of thousands of people have had SAFE astral projection experiences using sounds like binural beats, hemi and holo sync and other names for brain entrainment sounds and music. These are REAL experiences, where your consciousness shifts to a “non-local” perception….where you are experiencing things from a vantage point OUTSIDE of the one you are using to read this article right now..:-) It’s very cool….and it’s difficult to explain unless you’ve done it, and once you do….what you believe is possible about yourself, AND your “spirit” is never quite the same again!

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