Bangkok Budget Travel

Bangkok Budget travel

Bangkok is a perfect town to go and visit for those that do not really want to spend lots of money yet need to enjoy decent quality meals, entertainment and accommodations in an unusual Asian destination. Here are one or two straightforward tips and rules for visiting Bangkok the intelligent way and inexpensively. Timing plays a significant element on the price of flight ticket tickets. For Bangkok the least expensive fares are found in the off season months between April through late October. Though those months are the freshest and rainiest times of the year look forward to finding tickets twenty percent to 35 percent less than summer season. We have all got to eat and it’s one travel cost we won’t go without. In Bangkok it is easy to get a dish of tasty chicken and rice with a bowl of chicken broth for slightly over $2 US bucks in the food courts of a posh luxury dep. star. For the intrepid eaters, that very same meal can cost $1 US dollar from a side street cafe. And there are a lot more inexpensive eats that cost nearly the same. There are 2 extraordinarily efficient train systems in central Bangkok. One that runs above the parts of Bangkok called the BTS Sky Train and one below ground called the MRT. Both are cheap methods of transport. Though both can take you to several points of interest in Bangkok the train systems aren’t too intensive. So you are going to have to take taxis or stream express ferry boats to other bits of the town like the historic districts. Taxis are also extraordinarily cost-effective, particularly for groups of 4. Next to airfares, Hotel costs make up the majority of travel costs, particularly if you are staying somewhere for a longer period. Great news is simply that Bangkok is stuffed with masses of cheap hostels. And a lot of them are found in central Bangkok. A great idea is to get a budget hotel in the always busy districts of Silom and Sukhumvit. Better yet stay in a hotel that’s next to Sky Train or MRT station for a simple calm way at exploring the town. Bangkok is actually a great destination for travelers looking out for a holiday of a whole life. And with lots of money left for your return journey home is simply a bonus.

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