Blitzerwarner A trustworthy travel companion

Blitzerwarner A trustworthy travel companion

Blitzerwarner is your trustworthy travel companion. You can take anywhere in Germany and across Europe to escape from being caught by speed cameras. Over one millions speed cameras are guarding German roads and you can find more cameras in other European countries. These speed cameras catch vehicles running at a speed greater than the maximum prescribed speed limit. The over speeding vehicles are then intercepted by highway police and the drivers are punished for over speeding.

Over speeding is not allowed. Vehicles caught over speeding could be detained and the drivers could get their licenses cancelled, if they are found breaking the speed rule again and again. Speed cameras are guarding highways and it is simply impossible to detect a hidden camera. Cameras are hidden so that drivers can detect them. Government wants to catch the over speeding drivers unaware and for this it has hidden speed cameras.

Blitzerwarner could save you from the electronic eye. It knows the position of hidden speed cameras. It could see the speed radar before the radar sees your vehicle. It would alert you well before you enter the electronic eye. You would get ample time to slow down your speeding vehicle and pass safe through the electronic eye. Once you have crossed the camera, you can again accelerate your vehicle.

Blitzerwarner is software that you can download in the sat-nav device in your car or get it in your Smartphone or PC. The software downloads decently on different gadgets and the good thing is that it could be downloaded from Internet. If you are worried about its price then you would be delighted to know that the software is available at cost effective price. Every driver and every person, who likes to go on long drive, could take advantage of this software and enjoy the thrill of speed without being caught by the speed camera.

The software is connected to a comprehensive data base of Point of Interests or POI as it is generally called. It is the data base that sends alerts the software user about the presence of speed cameras on the road. The user can get prior knowledge of speed radars falling on his way. The user could consider changing his way, if he finds that there are many speed radars on his way.

Blitzerwarner gets daily updates for change of location of speed cameras and presence of mobile speed radars on the road. The software user could never get caught for over speeding, if he takes note of speed alerts send by the software.

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