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Carnival Cruise ship couple horrified to spot hidden ‘CAMERA’ pointing at their cabin bed


A couple on a cruise ship in the Caribbean were appalled when they discovered what looked like a hidden camera in their cabin.

Chris and Dana White were on a three-day cruise on a Carnival Fantasy ship in October last year when they made the alarming find.

They say the “camera” was pointing right at their bed and claim it was switched on before it was dismantled by a staff member.

The couple have spoken about the disturbing incident on the US television show Inside Edition.

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They said on the programme last night that the occurrence was badly handled by Carnival Cruise Line.

The pair explained in the interview that the hidden device was hidden among the wires of the television in their cabin.

Chris said on Inside Edition: “I said, ‘Is that what I think it is?’ And [Dana] looked at it and she became concerned.

“We were really flabbergasted that there’s a camera in the room and it’s plugged up and it’s working.”

Chris added: “I can’t believe this has actually happened to us… It was hidden very well.”

Dana said: “I just immediately felt like we had been invaded – our privacy had been invaded.”

Carnival Cruise ship couple were horrified to spot a hidden ‘camera’ pointing at their cabin bed (Image: Inside Edition)

The couple told cruise crew on discovery of the hidden device and a member of staff came to dismantle it.

In video footage Chris took of the technician taking apart the “camera” the man says: “Very clever… This was done so that housekeeping wouldn’t notice anything different when they are cleaning.”

Chris has alleged the camera was “warm to the touch” and would have been “working”.

It also had an antenna which Chris believes was for transmitting video.

However, Carnival has claimed the device couldn’t work as it wasn’t connected to the electricity.

A Carnival Cruise Line spokesperson told Express.co.uk: “In October 2017, a small video transmitter was found in a stateroom aboard Carnival Fantasy during a cruise departing from Mobile, Alabama.

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Cruises: Chris and Dana White spoke about the disturbing incident on the US show Inside Edition (Image: Inside Edition)

Cruises: Chris took video footage of the technician taking apart the camera in their cabin (Image: Inside Edition)

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“After review by the ship’s technicians, it was determined that device was not connected to an electrical source and not capable of recording.

“A full investigation was conducted by the shipboard team in tandem with the company’s shoreside security personnel who notified U.S. law enforcement, including the FBI, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, as per our standard procedures.

“Our security team turned the device over to the FBI for further inspection. Mr and Mrs White, who occupied the stateroom in question, were also advised of the involvement with law enforcement.

“This is certainly a unique and unusual occurrence and it is unclear who or why this transmitter was placed in the guest’s stateroom.

“The safety and security of our guests and crew is of paramount importance and we have taken measures so that this sort of situation does not happen again.”

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