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Camilla Parker Bowles: Prince Charles’ wife hates doing this when she travels

Camilla Parker Bowles married Prince Charles in 2005 and has joined him on a plethora of royal tours during their marriage. However, it has been revealed that the Duchess of Cornwall dislikes doing one thing when she travels. According to

WATCH: Shocking moment young girl hand-feeds 14 foot alligator goes viral

Alligators will eat absolutely everything and have powerful jaws – so it’s best not to get to close to them. However, an incredible viral video from the USA shows a 21-year-old girl getting very near to just such a creature.

Pound to euro exchange rate: Brexit news sparks GBP ‘sharp appreciation’ – sterling soars

The pound is being buoyed by Brexit optimism as hopes swell that a deal is on the horizon. Analysts believe a Brexit deal would spark a substantial rally in the pound. James Athey, Money Manager at Aberdeen Standard Investments said:

Flights: Flybe plane plunges 500ft in 18 seconds after pilot chose WRONG autopilot setting

Flights: Flybe plane plummets 500ft in 18 seconds after pilot chose WRONG autopilot setting (Image: Getty Images) A Flybe flight plunged a terrifying 500 feet in just 18 seconds and only narrowly avoided smashing into the ground. The pilot, 60, selected

Pound to euro exchange rate: GBP ‘strengthens’ as Brexit news looks hopeful

The pound has been kept “buoyed” thanks to hopes that a Brexit deal could be on the horizon, experts have revealed. Although Brexit headlines have been mixed in recent days, rumours Prime Minister Theresa May, 62, has secured a Brexit deal to keep the

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall: The item she packs when travelling abroad

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, 71, is currently in West Africa with Prince Charles, 69, on a royal visit. The nine-day tour has seen the royal couple visit Nigeria, Lagos and Ghana as they greet locals and foreign dignitaries. Camilla often

Flights: Ryanair website down from tomorrow – customers should check-in online TODAY

Ryanair customers urged to check-in online TODAY as airline prepare to CLOSE app and website (Image: Getty Images) Ryanair flights could be thrown into chaos after the Irish airline announced online bookings and check-in will not be possible for 12 hours from 5pm

WATCH: Flight 'stuck' in mid-air above Russia airport in viral video optical illusion

The flight seemed to be suspended in the air and not moving in the video. Taken by a driver in Russia, the car drove forward at speed while the plane appeared stationary. Usually, when close to the ground, a plane

Cruises: Never book this on your first cruise holiday | Cruise | Travel | Express.co.uk

Cruises: First time passengers should never book one thing in particular (Image: Getty) Cruise holidays are on the up as their popularity with both young and old travellers is increasing. Being able to see a number of countries without various

Greek chic: Crete’s latest luxury hotel, Abaton Island Resort & Spa | Beach Holidays | Travel | Express.co.uk

Get a taste of the high life and top-quality cuisine at Crete’s latest luxury hotel. (Image: NC) However, a warm welcome and a cold juice soon appear, and immediately you begin to unwind. One of the newest luxury hotels to

Holidays: Britannia Hotels revealed as the worst hotel chain in the UK by Which? Travel

Hotels are expected to provide a certain standard of service to paying guests – but one hotel chain has continued to disappoint for six years in a row. Britannia Hotels has been named as the worst UK hotel chain in

Christmas 2018: The top 10 BEST Christmas markets in the UK revealed

Christmas 2018: The top 10 BEST Christmas markets in the UK (Image: Getty Images) Christmas markets attract children and adults alike on an annual basis as they offer an array of festive foods, stocking fillers and fun rides. Such markets

Lifting the lid on Lithuania | Short & City breaks | Travel | Express.co.uk

Kaunas has been selected as European Capital of Culture for 2022 (Image: Angel Villalba/Getty Images) SINCE gaining independence in 1991, Lithuania is often Sgrouped with sister Baltic states Estonia and Latvia. Now, however, it’s breaking free and becoming a destination

Cruises: Do this on the first day of your holiday when taking photographs | Cruise | Travel | Express.co.uk

Cruise holidays are the best way to see a number of countries in one trip. Many choose to take to the seas to make the most of the onboard amenities offered, from five course meals to theatre shows. However, with

Hand luggage rules: Any items banned from cabin baggage by airport security

Hand luggage: Items which could be banned from cabin baggage (Image: Getty) Hand luggage travellers are becoming more common as budget airlines charge for any checked baggage size. Most recently, Ryanair became the latest airline to cut down on free

Pound to euro exchange rate: GBP ‘boosted’ due to Theresa May’s new ‘secret Brexit deal'

The pound benefited from a boost this weekend as rumours emerged of a Brexit breakthrough. It is believed Prime Minister Theresa May has secured a Brexit deal to keep the UK in the customs union after it leaves the EU.

Christmas flights: How to get cheap tickets during festive season

Christmas flights: How to get the best bargain when travelling this season (Image: Getty) Flying at Christmas can be expensive, with the priciest day often the last Friday before, this year falling on December 21. While some people are choosing

TITANIC 2018: Of all the things to do in Belfast you MUST see the Titanic museum | Short & City breaks | Travel | Express.co.uk

Unsinkable: The Titanic Belfast will remain the toast of Belfast for many years to come (Image: Titanic Belfast) Two working ports, perhaps not quite in full flood, but still all gantries and cranes and imposing vessels filled with grapefruits and

Florida’s Key ingredient: Siestas and sensational sunsets | Beach Holidays | Travel | Express.co.uk

US Route One, near Islamorada (Image: Getty Images) The driver of the Conch Train proved to be a most illuminating guide to the vibrant and quirky town which is the last of the long line of islands of the Florida

Google Maps: Plane spotted ‘submerged’ under the sea off Scotland coast on Google Earth

Google Maps seemed to have taken a photo of a plane completely submerged in the sea. Father-of-three, Robert Morton, 55, spotted the mysterious sight off the coast of Edinburgh, near Portobello on Google Earth. He said he came across the