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Flights: Cabin crew admit to doing this to passenger’s drinks onboard

Flight attendant: Cabin crew members have admitted doing this to alcoholic drinks onboard (Image: Getty) Flight crew members are primarily onboard the plane to protect passengers and ensure safety on a journey. But when it comes to service or requesting

Ryanair flights: Passenger beats new hand luggage rules with clever trick in viral video

Ryanair: The Briton enlisted the help of a tailor to modify a coat so it could store his stuff (Image: Facebook/Lee Cimino) Ryanair flights have been criticised after the budget airline introduced their strict new hand luggage policy last week. But

Cruises: Avoid long queues by doing this during busy periods | Cruise | Travel | Express.co.uk

Cruise secrets: How to avoid queues and crowds during a holiday (Image: Getty) Cruise holidays are a popular choice with families wanting a trip around the world, yet come with a downside – long queues. With some cruise ships able

WATCH: Viral video of bikini-clad woman falling off swing on beach

The young woman appeared be on holiday with her partner as they were clad in their swimwear on the beach. They both sat on the piece of wood which was attached to two palm trees by rope. As they sat

Dubai: UAE tourists could face JAIL if they don’t declare medication

Dubai: UAE tourists could face JAIL if they don’t declare medication (Image: Getty Images) Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have introduced strict new regulations that could easily trip tourists up. This is the latest travel advice.  Holidaymakers

Flights: Are the myths about the brace position correct? Pilots reveal the real truth

Flights: Are the myths about brace position correct? Pilot reveals the truth (Image: Getty Images) Flight safety cards and demonstrations all describe the brace position you should do if your plane crashes. However, there are plenty of conspiracy theories that

British Airways flight delay at JFK: 200 people sleep on airport floor, latest news update

British Airways flight 2036 was bound for Gatwick Airport from Orlando on Thursday when an incident occurred. Mechanical issues meant the plane could not fly and was to remain at Orlando airport for 24 hours with passengers put in hotels

Ramsbury: Escape into Jilly Cooper countryside | Short & City breaks | Travel | Express.co.uk

The Prince of Wales, Charles, tours Ramsbury Estate on December 15, 2017 in Marlborough, England (Image: Jeff Spicer – WPA Pool/Getty Images) A FLASH of creamy white rump catches my eye as a roe deer darts delicately across my path

From Brussels to Bath: Europe’s Yuletide markets transform cities into winter wonderlands | Activity Holidays | Travel | Express.co.uk

Burn off some calories with a twirl on the open-air ice rink in Brussels (Image: ERIC DANHIER / EDANHIER) BRUSSELS November 30 to January 6, 2019 Markets are set up across the city, from Karreveld Castle to the cobblestones of

Flights: Airports launch lie-detector tests to catch terrorists boarding flights

Flights: Hungary, Latvia and Greece airports to have AI lie-detector tests to fight terrorism (Image: Getty Images) Those travelling through certain airports may be compelled to take a lie detector test with the aim of catching terrorists, criminals and illegal

Google Maps Street View: Animal photo shocks the internet – what's wrong with this cat?

Google Maps Street View: What has gone wrong in this VERY disturbing viral image? (Image: Google Maps) Google Maps Street View seems to have photographed a creature that could give some people nightmares. The animal in the photo appears to

Prince Harry admitted to doing this on holiday with Meghan Markle

Prince Harry: He admitted to doing this with Meghan on holiday (Image: Getty) Prince Harry, 34, has returned from his long trip with Meghan Markle, 37, exploring Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga. The 16-day trip saw a number of

Vietnam passes the taste test | Activity Holidays | Travel | Express.co.uk

Junks at Ha Long Bay (Image: Matthew King/Getty Images) THERE’S a knack to crossing the road in Vietnam. You pick your moment then step out into the non-stop traffic and keep moving at a steady pace until you reach the

Meghan Markle: Duchess pictured with famous actor while on holiday before Prince Harry

Meghan Markle: The royal met a celebrity with royal connections in 2015 (Image: Getty) Meghan Markle, 37, travelled around the world to a number of countries before she entered the Royal Family. Italy, Greece, New Zealand and Canada were just

Queen Elizabeth II: The monarch can speak fluent French – and she’s not the only royal

Queen Elizabeth has travelled to numerous countries all over the world during her long reign. The monarch often relies on the help of advisors when she greets officials abroad and carries out her duties. However, there are some countries in the

World War III news: Safest places to hide in WW3 scenario

World War III is becoming a worrying future possibility as global tensions escalate across the world stage in countries such as North Korea, the USA and Russia. Some countries are much safer than others in the event of disaster breaking out

Flights: 93-year-old air United Airlines stewardess reveals this very strict 1950s rule

Cabin crew: Ethel Pattison, 93 (right) joined United Airlines as a stewardess in the summer of 1951 (Image: Ethel Pattison) Flights in the 1950s were a very glamorous affair indeed and saw travellers wearing their Sunday best suits and dresses

Ryanair hand luggage: One month ‘grace period’ for passengers travelling with baggage

Ryanair: Passengers have a one month “grace period” with the new hand luggage rules (Image: Getty) Ryanair has changed their hand luggage rules for the second time this year. The low-cost airline announced earlier this year passengers would need to

Cruises: Never book this activity onboard the ship during your holiday | Cruise | Travel | Express.co.uk

Cruises: Avoid one particular activity onboard a ship (Image: Getty) Cruise ships cater to every person, offering fine dining, evening entertainment and family activities onboard. Some offer beauty treatments such as massages and makeovers as well. These can often be

Pound to euro exchange rate: GBP BEST rate after Brexit news

The pound greatly improved yesterday after it was rumoured Brexit negotiations were going well, resulting in sterling reaching near its best exchange rate since mid-June. The increase in value against the euro came as Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, 44, responded