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Christmas flights: How to get cheap tickets during festive season

Christmas flights: How to get cheap tickets

Christmas flights: How to get the best bargain when travelling this season (Image: Getty)

Flying at Christmas can be expensive, with the priciest day often the last Friday before, this year falling on December 21.

While some people are choosing to fly abroad for a much-needed holiday, others are travelling back home to spend time with their families.

There are a few easy ways, however, to make festive flights a bit cheaper.

Loes Daniels, CEO and founder of Flightgiftcard, spoke to Express.co.uk on how to get a bargain.

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Email alerts

It can be worth tracking a particular flight to see when it is cheapest to buy.

Loes advised: “If you know where you are travelling to and from, set up an alert to receive notifications when your flights have dropped in price as you could get a bargain.”

This can sometimes fluctuate between booking on a Tuesday or a Saturday.

Midweek searches

Booking during this time of the week can also mean avoiding sky-high prices.

“Search for flights during the week,” Loes said, “rather than at the weekend as bookings made on a Saturday tend to be the most expensive.”

It also makes sense to fly in the middle of the week as well.

“Likewise, flying on a Monday or Tuesday is much cheaper than taking flights at the weekend so be sure to choose your travel dates carefully,” she said.

Christmas flights: How to get cheap tickets

Christmas flights: Choosing a different airport and airline can make a huge difference (Image: Getty)Try a smaller airport

It can make a difference if choosing a different location to fly from.

“Consider travelling to or from a smaller, local airport as this can be a lot cheaper than a larger airport hub,” Loes said.

“In the UK, research flight options out of Doncaster’s Robin Hood airport or East Midlands airport in Nottingham, rather than Manchester for example, and you might find the cost is significantly less.”

Smaller airports are also less stressful, often carrying less passengers and therefore smaller crowds.

Straying from a preferred airline is one of the best ways to get a bargain, due to different countries celebrating different seasons.

Loes advised: “It’s worth checking out Asian airlines as these countries don’t generally celebrate Christmas and are therefore unaffected by price hikes.”

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Christmas flights cheap tickets

Christmas flights: Travelling at more antisocial hours can be cheaper (Image: Getty)Choose inconvenient flights

For passengers not constrained by time, flying at difficult hours and difficult times around Christmas can mean huge savings.

“The more inconvenient the flight, the cheaper it will be. You may not like getting up at 4am for an 8am flight, but you’ll save money in the long run,” Loes advised.

She also said: “Consider flights in the days leading up to and just after Christmas day.”

Otherwise alternative booking options such as package providers at the last minute or making the most of the January sales are the best choices for bargain hunters.

For Britons heading to Europe, some of the best Christmas Markets can be found just a couple of hours away.

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