Corporate Travel Management Creative Lodging Solutions Implements Corporate Travel Management

Corporate travel Management Creative Lodging Solutions Implements Corporate Travel Management

Corporate travel management is a much needed solution for companies everywhere to reduce costs during these tough economic times. Every dollar saved is important to the bottom line. In order to save money with travel expenses, companies need an effective corporate travel management system. Creative Lodging Solutions can provide that much needed savings.

Travel budgets are often one of the first areas in any company to be reviewed and scrutinized. It is possible to reduce your company travel expenses without sacrificing necessary travel. While many large corporations have a corporate travel management program in place, there are many companies that do not and could greatly benefit from Creative Lodging Solutions?travel services.

Based in Lexington, KY, Creative Lodging Solutions has quickly become the solution for many companies by providing a corporate travel management system that is easy to implement. Companies will no longer need a specific department or designated staff to manage their travel dollars. Corporate travel management is handled by the staff at Creative Lodging Solutions and a weekly itemized invoice is provided to each client.

Corporate travel management is the function of managing a company strategic approach to travel including vendor negotiations and the day to day operation of a company corporate travel program. Creative Travel Solutions is not a travel agency. A travel agency will provide day to day travel services to their corporate clients and makes the actual reservation within the parameters given by the corporation. The difference is a corporate travel management company, like Creative Lodging Solutions, negotiates rates with hotels and other travel related services to ensure every client receives the best rates possible.

Travel and entertainment costs represent the second highest controllable annual expense for most companies. This expense is only exceeded by salary and benefit costs. These costs are successfully managed by the corporate travel management from Creative Lodging Solutions. As travel and entertainment expenses touch on all areas within a corporation and represents such a major corporate expense, the need for corporate lodging specialists has never been greater.

Creative Lodging Solutions has done significant research and has negotiated rates at over 4,000 hotels nationwide. Additionally, Creative Lodging Solutions has $50 million in buying power to get the best rates available for effective corporate travel management.

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