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Cruises: Avoid long queues by doing this during busy periods | Cruise | Travel | Express.co.uk

Cruise secrets: Avoid queues during port day

Cruise secrets: How to avoid queues and crowds during a holiday (Image: Getty)

Cruise holidays are a popular choice with families wanting a trip around the world, yet come with a downside – long queues.

With some cruise ships able to hold more than 3,000 passengers at a time, this can often result in crowded areas.

Queues at breakfast as well as at the activities such as pool parties and climbing walls can tarnish a holiday.

Thankfully there is an easy way to beat the queues.

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Cruise secrets: How to avoid the breakfast queue

Adam Coulter, UK Managing Editor of Cruise Critic spoke to Express.co.uk on how to avoid them during a trip at sea.

“Port days often involve a mad dash to the gangway as soon as the all-clear has been given for passengers to start the disembarkation process,” he explained.

“Those booked on ship-sponsored shore excursions are generally given priority, but people still cluster at the exits.

“If you want to avoid all the hubbub, stay onboard (or leave the ship a bit later in the day).

“Should you choose to forgo your port day – especially if you’ve already visited a particular port on the itinerary – you can avoid crowds at the pool, in the spa, at the buffet and just about anywhere else on the ship.”

Cruise secrets: Avoid queues during port day

Cruise secrets: Crowds are to be expected during port day (Image: Getty)

Cruises often have many holiday destinations on offer when sailing around the Caribbean.

For frequent cruise-goers, this might mean heading to similar destinations year on year.

Therefore, if there is one area that was not a favourite and not one to return to, then staying on the ship could be a better way to spend the day.

It also means having an emptier ship to walk around and experience.

There is also a way to always avoid the breakfast queue when trying to make the most of the buffet.

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Cruise secrets: Avoid queues during port day

Cruise secrets: Staying on the ship can mean a much more relaxed experience (Image: Getty)

Travellers may not realise that they can order food from the menu during breakfast in the dining hall.

Most flock to the buffet cart to make the most of the food on offer straight away.

However free menu options not only mean avoiding the queues but also offer a much fresher option.

Some buffet options could even be days old and simply reheated.

One item that isn’t as fresh as it seems are the eggs – these are often cooked with powdered egg and other ingredients.

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