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Cruises: Hawaii travel update after Kilauea volcano eruption | Cruise | Travel | Express.co.uk

Mount Kilauea’s eruption resulted in more than 600 homes destroyed and thousands evacuated as the months of damage plagued many of the islands.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the most popular tourist attraction in Hawaii, was closed for more than four months, with miles of roads and infrastructure destroyed.

The islands are popular locations for tourists who are travelling by cruise to experience the beautiful destination.

Cruise travellers may be wondering if it is now safe to travel to as the eruptions decrease.

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Out of the eight islands – Big Island, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kauai, Niihau and Kahoolawe – Big Island was affected the worst.

The landscape of Hawaii has dramatically changed, with hundreds of hectares of land now added to the islands following the hardening lava.

Tourists may soon be the first to explore the new land as the steaming lava cools, creating new territories.

The US Geological Survey recently downgraded the volcano alert after more than 30 days without any lava detected.

The famous National Park is also open again for travellers to visit on the Big Island.

Cruises: Hawaii volcano eruption news

Cruises: Is Hawaii safe to travel after the volcano eruptions? (Image: Getty)

Cruises: Hawaii volcano eruption news

Cruises: The volcano eruption, which has calmed, destroyed hundreds of homes (Image: Getty)

Island of Hawaii Visitors Bureau executive director Ross Birch told Stuff.co.nz: “Now may be the best time ever to come.”

Cruise-goers can book a trip with Norwegian, Princess, Royal Caribbean and Carnival to explore Hawaii.

Norwegian recently offered travellers free or reduced-fare flights to Hawaii to entice people to visit once again.

They are also the only cruise liner to offer Hawaii-exclusive trips all year around.

There is currently no warning for the US state, although visitors should still be cautious due to the number of active volcanoes on the islands.

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Cruises: Hawaii volcano eruption news

Cruises: Hawaii is a popular destination for cruise holidays (Image: Getty)

Hawaii volcano eruption: Epic aerial pictures show Kilauea destruction
Tue, July 17, 2018
A ‘lava bomb’ shot fired from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has hit a tour boat, injuring at least 23

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Cruise passengers wanting to get the most out of their trip can make sure to follow some simple rules.

For example, to get the best and freshest food, people should avoid the breakfast buffet and instead opt to order options from the menu in the dining hall.

This can also mean avoiding the long queues that often result in earlier morning dining times.

Passengers can also avoid wasting alcohol when drinking as a party onboard.

Staff members will often be happy to save the rest of a bottle of alcohol for another night if requested.

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