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Cruises: Avoid teeth whitening treatments

Cruises: Avoid one particular activity onboard a ship (Image: Getty)

Cruise ships cater to every person, offering fine dining, evening entertainment and family activities onboard.

Some offer beauty treatments such as massages and makeovers as well.

These can often be tempting if they provide discounts or cheap deals to entice guests to book.

However there is one activity that should be avoided at all costs.

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Cruises: Always do this on the first day of your holiday

One passenger advised against getting a teeth whitening treatment during a cruise holiday.

This is because of how sensitive they can be after the procedure.

Speaking to Cruise Critic, they wrote: “Do not go for the teeth whitening, no matter how cheap it is.

“We made the mistake of doing it on our first day and our gums were so sore for a couple days, we couldn’t enjoy the food.

Even if it seems to be a great value, passengers should only opt for it towards the end of their trip if they really want to make the most of it.

Cruises: Avoid teeth whitening treatments

Cruises: Some ships offer cheap teeth whitening treatments (Image: Getty)

Teeth whitening, no matter how expensive or professional, often leaves the teeth aching for a few days after.

This is because of the peroxide used in the gels to brighten them.

It can strip the top layers of the teeth off, meaning food such as ice-cream and hot meals can cause a lot of pain.

The pain does, however, wear away after a few days.

Teeth whitening isn’t the only thing to be avoided on the first day of a cruise holiday.

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Cruise secrets: Never book this on your first cruise

Cruises: Avoid teeth whitening treatments

Cruises: Teeth whitening can leave them sore for days, ruining a trip (Image: Getty)

Buying souvenirs on the first day is advised against if looking for a bargain.

Some cruise ships lower prices towards the end of the holiday to shift stock before the next excursion.

This can mean getting a much cheaper memento to remember the trip.

Taking photographs, however, should be done at the beginning of the holiday.

Cruise ships are often much cleaner and better maintained at the beginning of a trip.

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