Egypt tour package Popular Egypt tourist attractions to visit

Egypt tour package Popular Egypt Tourist attractions to visit

A true traveler does not hassle himself over major plans and calculations. He just wakes up one morning, decides to go for a holiday the next day, packs his bag and sets off. Of course, he would need to look for flight tickets and cheap hotels if budget is a constraint. But still, one can easily make a plan only a week before he sets out. Egypt is one of the most charming destinations in the world and an Egypt tour package will not just prove cheap for your pockets but would also allow you to spare yourself from anxious planning.

Egypt tourism sector keeps getting bigger each and every year. With the passage of time, the monuments of the country are getting all the more older and therefore all the more breathtaking. It is said that wines and monuments keep getting richer with age! And since we are so much surrounded by ritzy artificial technological stuff in our daily life, visiting the grand historical structures can come as a blissful respite and revelation!

Though there are many popular but none, perhaps, is as great as the pyramid. It has its quintessential nostalgia and never fails to make you hypnotized. Giza is the best site where you can find a motley collection of the largest pyramids. The most famous of them all is the Great Pyramid which is touted to be the largest creation of ancient man. Once you have gaped and gawked at the mighty pyramids, you can next turn your eyeball towards the Sphinx, another admirable structure at Giza. After the pyramids, the sphinx is the next most promoted structure by Egypt tourism. To an extent, its mythological significance even eclipses that of the pyramids at times.

Beside the famed city of Luxor lies another of the most famous Egypt tourist attractions in the form of Valley of the Kings! Its name itself is so befitting since the site is actually a huge graveyard where the Egyptian kings are buried. So, the place has also got a tinge of Gothic horror to it and that layer of mystique which drapes the country throughout its length & breadth. Luxor is also home to the Temple of Karnak. It is one of the most famous historic temples in the country and also the largest amongst the ancient religious structures. It now is more like a heritage site but its decaying walls again have that tinge of macabre to them!

Egypt tour package shall also give you a trip down some museums especially the ones at Cairo. At Egyptian Museum (Cairo), you can check out the mummies and also walk into a galley marked as ing Tut Exhibit? Mt. Sinai, Aswan High Dam and St. Catherine Monastery are some other popular attractions.

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