Enjoy Travel Experiences That Cost A Little Less

Enjoy travel Experiences That Cost A Little Less

We create some of our greatest memories whilst on holiday, but there no reason for travel to break your budget. Instead of spending time and money on long flights, why not stay in the UK?

There are so many great destinations and attractions here that it would be impossible to experience them all in one lifetime. The UK has great weekend break cities, beach getaway destinations and lovely natural parks to explore that are accessible and affordable.

There are several convenient ways to travel around the UK, including trains, coaches and flying. Motorhome or campervan hire is also a viable alternative, especially if you are travelling in a group or want increased flexibility. One of the major advantages to hiring a motorhome is that it acts as transportation and accommodation all in one. When comparing them to Hotel stays, motorhomes are great value. It will also save you precious time on your holiday as you won need to worry about catching a train or waiting in line to check into a hotel.

The UK motorways make travelling with a motorhome or campervan a breeze. There will be a wealth of different cities, villages and other destinations at your disposal and can also be an excellent alternative to camping. Nature lovers will find that motorhomes can take them closer to some of the UK top national parks like the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District and New Forest. All these locations boast dozens of caravan sites where you can park your motorhome and have access to amenities for a fraction of the cost of a hotel.

Motorhomes and campervans are also great for beach getaways. Devon and Cornwall alone are home to numerous caravan sites that are within a stone throw of the beach. Cities breaks aren often connected with motorhome holidays, but in reality there are plenty of sites on the outskirts of major UK cities. Even London has 5 caravan sites within the M25 ring.

Motorhomes are an affordable way to explore the UK and forge great memories with your friends and loved ones. Driving yourself gives you the ability to plan a flexible holiday that won leave you rushing to catch a plane, train or bus.

It also important to keep in mind that motorhome travel opens up the ability to visit multiple destinations in one holiday. So before booking that pricey long-distance getaway, take the time to consider the possibility of hiring a motorhome instead and hitting the open road.

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