Ensure a stress-free overseas trip with your ICICI travel insurance policy

Ensure a stress-free overseas trip with your ICICI travel insurance policy

When travelling overseas, it is important to take several risks or unforeseen events into account so that you can be sufficiently prepared. An unfortunate event in a foreign country can greatly dent your pocket and also upset your travel plans. If your health fails you while overseas, securing treatment from a doctor or a specialist can be greatly stressful as well as costly, as health care overseas is quite expensive. Not just your health, several other situations may arise like the flight delays, loss of baggage, loss of your passport can cause stress and leave you stranded in a foreign country where at times, you may not even know the language. This is why a Travel Insurance policy is essential for your overseas trip so that you are not hassled in a foreign land.

Selecting a good insurance company takes careful consideration so that you get optimal coverage which will ensure that you are not left strapped for cash or in stress in a foreign country. It is also important that you secure your policy from a reliable insurance company like ICICI India, because the goodwill of the company will directly reflect in the acceptance and ease of processing claims. The purchase methods must be flexible so that you can secure your policy without any hassles. It would be optimal if you can get a policy which can be purchased online easily.

A comprehensive travel cover is a good option and ICICI Lombard travel policies offer a good variety with the plans offered. The plans offered are for single round trips, multiple trips throughout the year as well as those for senior citizens. All these plans cover medical and non-medical expenses so that any unforeseen event does not disrupt your travel plans. These policies by ICICI India are easily available online and can be purchased quickly by simply choosing from one of the easy pay options available.

Your ICICI travel insurance policy also allows online extension (depending on the plan selected) which is extremely hassle-free if your trip gets extended. So, with a few clicks, you can get coverage even for the unplanned extension in your overseas trip. Depending on the plan selected, you get coverage for several non-medical emergency situations like flight delays, trip cancellations, missed flight connections, loss of travel expenses, etc. so that your finances remain secure when overseas. p

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