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Flights: Cabin crew admit to doing this to passenger’s drinks onboard

Flight attendant: Drink serving secret

Flight attendant: Cabin crew members have admitted doing this to alcoholic drinks onboard (Image: Getty)

Flight crew members are primarily onboard the plane to protect passengers and ensure safety on a journey.

But when it comes to service or requesting items, some passengers can be rude towards flight attendants.

Intoxicated passengers are a large issue which has resulted in delayed flights and cabin crew assaults.

A recent study found flight crew admit to doing something to travellers who drink alcohol onboard.

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Flights: Cabin crew lie about this during delays

Jet charter company Statosjets.com asked 119 flight attendants in the study, with a range of male and female cabin crew members around the world.

In the study, 35.3 per cent of passengers admitted to watering down the alcohol drinks of passengers onboard.

While this is a sneaky way to prevent passengers from getting drunk (and buying more expensive drinks), it isn’t the only thing they admitted to doing.

Nearly 75 per cent admitted to refusing service to intoxicated passengers – something they are in their right to do if it is in the interest of everyone else’s safety onboard.

Passengers making a fool out of themselves should also beware the wrath of cabin crew members.

Flight attendant: Drink serving secret

Flight attendant: Intoxicated passengers are one of the biggest problems onboard (Image: Getty)

In the study, 62 per cent of staff admitted to making fun of passengers in front of their colleagues.

An anonymous flight attendant said: “It is not like the heydays of flying and attendants are not subservient individuals who cater to your every whim.”

A cabin crew member admitted on a Reddit forum some of the other secrets of the industry.

One of the secrets is lying to passengers about why the plane is really delayed.

The anonymous user wrote: “When people ask for the reason for a delay, we usually give a b******t response because the REAL answer would spook passengers.

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Flight attendant: Drink serving secret

Flight attendant: More than a third of crew admitted to watering down alcoholic drinks (Image: Getty)

“‘We have a minor technical problem and engineers are on their way’ and in reality the cabin pressure isn’t working.”

Last year was the safest year on record for aviation with no deaths for commercial flights.

Earlier this week, commercial flight Lion Air crashed shortly after take-off in Indonesia.

Search and rescue are currently investigating the crash site in the ocean but of the 188 people onboard, there have been no survivors.

An investigation has been launched to establish what caused the incident.

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