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Flights: Passenger caught with bare feet on the tray table onboard China flight


A passenger was disgusted to find a woman putting her bare feet on a tray table during a flight, and the passenger refused to stop when asked, according to reports.

The video was taken onboard a China Southern Airlines flight which was travelling from Nanning to Harbin.

According to the person filming, the woman in question said it was because she “injured their feet during ballet practice”.

Writing on social media website Weibo, the man explained how many people around them complained.

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It was only after two passengers in front of the woman spoke up that the woman then put her feet on the armrest as well.

“They even accused other passengers of lacking empathy and compassion.” he wrote

“The plane is a public place, you can’t do whatever you want and cause suffering to other people.”

Another witness explained how the women were offered other seats by cabin crew but they would not move, saying they could not move due to their injuries.

According to Beijing Youth Daily, the airline is investigating the incident.

Flights: A rude passenger was caught on video doing something very disgusting (Image: Weibo)

Online users were horrified by the woman’s actions onboard the plane.

One wrote: “These two women really don’t feel embarrassed.”

Another felt the cabin crew should have done more: “This kind of behaviour should be managed by the crew, to determine who is right and who is wrong.

“Just warn them that if they don’t put their feet down, they will be contacted and handed over to the ground police for endangering public safety, and will be blacklisted later.”

China is currently working on its own credit system, where bad behaviour could see citizen’s credit score affected.

To be rolled out fully by 2020, the woman in the video could then see herself losing points thanks to the social credit system.

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Flights: The woman was caught putting her bare feet on a tray table (Image: Weibo)

Flights: The woman refused to move and said she was injured (Image: Weibo)

Many passengers have been caught resting their bare feet on someone else’s seat or walking around the cabin half dressed.

One man went one further and decided to use his electric shaver while in his seat.

The video caught him shaving his face mid-flight instead of choosing the more hygienic option of using the bathroom.

Another man was caught filing off the dead skin from his feet while in his seat.

The passenger filming was horrified to see the dead skin falling from the sole of his foot onto the floor.

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