Gwalior travel guide offers wonderful attractions like temples

Golden Triangle Tour is among the most famous tours of India. A big hit with international Tourists, this tour goes to a few enchanting holiday destinations of North India- Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. From cultural heritage to modern lifestyle, this tour offers a variety of attractions. Palaces, museums, forts, monuments, architectural marvels, fairs and festivals, gardens, recreational areas, theater, handicrafts, cuisine plus more are the attractions of the Golden Triangle Tour.

Gwalior is one in the destinations which can be combined with the Golden Triangle Tour. It is a historic city famous for its forts, palaces, temples and monuments. Several rulers ruled over this city on the centuries and left their legacy available as heritage monuments. This city was founded inside 8th century by local Chieftain Suraj Sen. The city got its name from the saint named Gwalipa who cured Suraj Sen from leprosy.

Some of the famous attractions of Gwalior are

Gwalior Fort

One of the major forts in the country, Gwalior fort was built around 1000 years back by Raja Suraj Sen. Stretching as much as 3.2 km in length and 35 m tall, the fort reflects an excellent example of medieval architecture. It is a wonderful structure.

Man Mandir Palace

Famous for its painted decorations and architectural beauty, this palace can be called the Palace of Paintings. Built inside 15th century, it is additionally called Chitra Mandir.

Gujari Mahal and Archaeological museum

Built in honor of Mrignayni, the ninth wife of Man Singh, this Mahal is proud of wonderful architecture, design and decoration. It has now been converted into a museum showcasing an uncommon assortment of artifacts and stone carvings with the bygone era.


Built inside the 9th century this temple is committed to Lord Vishnu. It beautifully reflects the Dravidian design of architecture. Its doorway includes a mesmerizing figre of garuda (mythical bird).

Surya Mandir

Also generally known as Sun Temple, this temple delivers an architectural design similar to the famous Sun Temple at Konark in Orissa.

Suraj Kund

It is a this pond where Sage Gwalipa cured Suraj Sen from leprosy. It ates returning to the 15th century.

Memorial of Tansen

It is the memorial built-in memory of Tansen, the dad of Indian classical music. He was one of the gems of King Akbar?s court. This memorial serves as a venue for a music festival inside month of November/ December each year.
Gwalior Travel Guide offers wonderful attractions like temples, forts, palaces plus much more. Gwalior Tour will require you back in time offering an excellent experience. Gwalior can be with the Golden Triangle Tour.

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