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Hotel secrets: Never use the coffee maker in your room for this reason

coffee machine nespresso hotel room bacteria

Hotel secrets: Never use the coffee maker in your room for this reason (Image: Getty Images)

Coffee might be the ideal way to start the morning on holiday, but experts say hotel guests should re-consider using the coffee maker in their hotel room.

These machines might look clean from the outside but they could, in fact, make a holidaymaker very ill indeed.

This is because they could contain a whole host of germs not visible to the naked eye if they haven’t been washed with enough care.

Contamination is of particular concern with such gadgets as any food-related item could be a potential source of germs – but this can be minimised with thorough cleaning. 

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Coffee makers, however, need to be washed much more thoroughly than just with a quick water rinse.

To be properly cleaned they should be cleansed every few months with vinegar in order to stop mould and bacteria growing inside the machine.

Researchers at the University of Valencia examined nine different Nespresso machines which had been used over a one year period.

“All the machines revealed a significant bacterial diversity, with the total number of identified genera ranging from 35 to 67,” stated the report.

The meant a “moderately to highly abundant” quantity of bacteria had been found in the machines.

What’s more, the germs are not contained to one hotel room as cleaners can move the viruses around, Dr Charles Gerba, professor of microbiology and environmental sciences at the University of Arizona, told The Sun.

coffee machine nespresso hotel room bacteria

Coffee: Using the coffee maker in a hotel room could result in customers getting ill (Image: Getty Images)

Unfortunately, hotel guests are no better off with coffee pots in the dining areas of a hotel.

Coffee pot handles can be crawling with bacteria due to the numerous hands grabbing hold of them.

Dr Gerba studied communal coffee machines in office break rooms to investigate regularly used receptacles.

He told The Sun: “In studying the spread of a tracer virus, we found that the coffee pot handle in the break room was one of the first contaminated articles with the virus.”

Consequently, hotel guests looking to steer clear of any illnesses should try and get to the coffee first thing in the morning, before too many others have touched it.

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coffee machine nespresso hotel room bacteria

Hotel secrets: Research has also shown how cleanliness levels in hotel rooms can be questionable (Image: Getty Images)

Hotel secrets revealed
Mon, November 13, 2017
Hotels can often harbour a variety of germs and dirt due to the rooms rarely being properly cleaned. Here, hotel insiders reveal their shocking secrets.

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Hotel secrets revealed

Alarming research has also shown how cleanliness levels in hotel rooms can be alarmingly questionable.

A survey of 1,000 people by sleep website The Sleep Judge revealed the many disgusting things hotel and Airbnb guests have found in their rooms. 

According to the study, 88 per cent of hotel guests have found other people’s hair in their room.

Sixteen per cent of hotel guests found evidence of urine in their room, 12 per cent found both sexual fluids and blood.

The gross things found in the rooms didn’t stop there. Eleven per cent of hotel guests found bedbugs, eight per cent faeces and six per cent vomit.

Research found that hotels under $100 are more likely to have bed bugs but those over $100 are not. In this lower price range, you’re most likely to find: hair, other bugs, alcohol, bedbugs and urine

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