How long can a camel travel without water

How long can a camel travel without water

A camel can go for about 17 days without water in the desert, eating only rough, thorny cactus. The fat in its hump provides it with energy. If the camel is starving and dry, the hump shrinks in size and can slip off the animal’s back, to hang down on its side.

A camel can lose up to one quarter of its total body weight with little ill-effect. When thirsty it can drink up to 29.7 gallons of water in ten minutes. Its body visibly grows whilst it re- covers its lost weight in this short space of time. Caravans of camels can travel about 24.8miles (40 km) a day, with each animal carrying a load as much as 1,102 lbs (500 kg). Sandstorms which are too severe for a man to bear do not deter these beasts. They simply close their nostrils and squint through their three eyelids and thick eyelashes, and plod on. One camel train travelled 537 miles (864 km) through Northern Australia for 34 days without water. Most of the camels died, but a few survived.

The animal has a deserved reputation for not being completely trustworthy. A camel dislikes everything. It will bite both men and animals (even other camels). It is easily annoyed, and will either kick out suddenly and viciously with its hind legs, or spit exactly on target. A camel often has to be fitted with a muzzle on its mouth to prevent it from giving its owner a dangerous bite.

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