How to Go About Hiring the Perfect Car for Your Travel!

How to Go About Hiring the Perfect Car for Your travel!

Renting cars while on holiday is a trend that has been well established now. Awareness levels are on an all-time high and people are smart enough not to be deceived by the local taxi services which often charge a lot. People also do not want to waste their time jostling between buses and other public transport options in order to reach their favoured destinations. However, as not everything is fool-proof in today’s era, you have to be wary of unscrupulous traders that might try and rip you off. You should ensure that the car agency you’re selecting does not take you for a ride.

You should preferably opt for a basic car hire package. This is the secret to saving money! Firms might press you into buying add-on for profit motives. But in most cases, these add-on benefits are expensive. Also, avoid fuel rip-offs while you’re hiring a car agency for your travels. The most cost-effective arrangement is the full-full policy. Under this, you pick up the car with a full tank of fuel and you return it full, thereby not making any petrol payment to the rental agency. However many firms these days now insist on a full to empty arrangement. The car should be as per your requirements. For instance, if you’re looking for a trip cross-country, you should rent vehicles that are sturdy and can withstand on-road impedances like bumps and rickety roads. On the other hand, a luxury vehicle is perfect for a family drive within cities.

The key moment as soon as you’re handed the keys is to check for any damages, marks or even minor scratches on the vehicle. Check the interiors as they may be laden with damages. Even the spare wheel is not to be “spared”, as it has to be inflated and devoid of damages. Check the car for fuel and record the mileage. Once you’ve marked the damages on the sheet provided by the rental company, get an authorised representative to sign it. Once signed for, take a video or photos of the vehicle as extra proof.

This leaves us with the insurance aspect to a rental agreement. Usually an insurance cover for a major crash is included when you rent a vehicle. In case there are any small scrapes or scratches during the renting of the vehicle, you have to pay in full. Therefore car rental firms try persuading you into buying super CDW insurance to cover this. They are however extremely expensive. A good way to avoid the hassle would be to buy excess insurance independently.

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