iPhone Travel Apps And the Impact of iPhone on Verizon

iPhone travel Apps And the Impact of iPhone on Verizon

It’s finally coming: the iPhone will soon be available on Verizon, opening up a whole new world for those who live life either on the road or in the air. With all the iPhone apps for travel that are available now, it’s now possible to travel around the country almost stress-free. For each traveler though, the best GPS app for iPhone use will vary, depending on their needs. With all the travel apps available in the iTunes store now, it can be difficult to weed out the most useful or promising ones, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

The most common need a traveler has is for organization. Apps like TripIt and TripTracker go a long way in organizing your flights, car rentals, Hotel bookings and more all into an easy to view fashion. You can easily access important information such as confirmation and reservation numbers as soon as you need them. Apps also exist to provide real-time updates for flights so you’ll never miss that crucial connection too.

Travelers are nothing if not location aware, which is why we tend to rely more heavily on GPS than others do. Whether it’s using Yelp or Sagat to find a good restaurant, Navigon or TomTom to navigate the roads, or TripAdvisor to find a good hotel, the best GPS app for iPhone or even iPad use will depend on how you’re currently utilizing GPS for your needs.

Once you’ve collected enough iPhone apps for travel and start to use them proficiently enough, your travel routine will start to change as you experience a whole new level of efficiency that you were never able to experience before. You’re on the road and feel a hunger pang coming on. You fire up Zagat and see there’s an excellent pizza place in small town somewhere. You then fire up Navigon and instantly the directions you need to get there are all laid out, ready to go.

But now you need a place to stay. Fire up TripAdvisor and you can now see all the best rated hotels around you, which you can then book through Hotels.com. You use another app like Roadside America to finds nearby POIs along the way too. But before you go sightseeing, you need some cash, so you fire up Allpoint to find the nearest surcharge-free ATM machine.

And you did it all… from your iPhone. Even 5 years ago this kind of hi-tech mobility was almost unheard of. But with the advent of the iPhone and its long awaited arrival on Verizon’s network, the development of and specially to aid us on our journeying adventures has resulted in an epic leap forward for hi-tech minded journeyman.

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