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Jet2: Plane incident sees tail strike damage at Leeds Airport after landing

Jet2: A landing incident resulted in damage to an aircraft (Image: Jet2/Getty)

The Jet2 plane was travelling from Alicante to Leeds Bradford Airport when the incident occurred last year.

When attempting to land at the Uk airport, the tail hit the runway, resulting in damage to the aircraft.

An investigation found it landed with the “incorrect pitch position”, causing “significant damage” to parts of the plane.

This included damage to the hold, sewage probe and antenna.

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The co-pilot of the plane was attempting to finish his training at the time of the issue.

In the investigation he said he had not slept well and felt under pressure due to the stress of the training.

He worked for Jet2 for two years, with over a year of being a co-pilot.

His contract with the airline was terminated after the incident was investigated.

It also confirmed the captain could have intervened to avoid the incident.

Jet2: The incident damaged the underside of the plane (Image: Jet2)

Despite the damage, none of the 238 passengers were harmed on the plane and were not made aware of the problem.

It was only raised by cabin crew members when they confirmed an odd noise , during landing.

A spokesman for Jet2 told Examiner Live: “In April 2017, one of our aircraft was involved in an incident when landing at Alicante Airport.

“The aircraft taxied to the stand as normal and there were no injuries.

“As is standard procedure, The Spanish Civil Aviation Accident and Incident Investigation Commission have carried out an investigation, which we have fully co-operated with.”

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Jet2: The co-pilot’s contract has since been terminated after the tail strike investigation (Image: Jet2)

Jet2 airline recently won best travel brand of the year, the first time for the UK airline.

Last year, Scottish author Karon Grieve was left shocked after booking a flight with Jet2.

Travelling from the UK to Greece, she paid just £46 for her ticket.

She ended up getting the entire plane to herself, travelling with no other passengers and just the flight crew and pilot.

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