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Kate Middleton: Prince William angered Duchess of Cambridge by doing this on ski holiday


Kate Middleton may be married to the future King of England, but that doesn’t stop her husband, Prince William from having fun with friends when he’s away on holiday.

The Duke of Cambridge enjoyed a lad’s holiday away from his wife last year and went skiing with friends in Verbier, Switzerland.

The boys-only ski trip left Kate unhappy when she saw evidence of what the Prince had been up to, it has been claimed.

William – now a father of three – was filmed singing and dancing with friends in a nightclub in 2017.

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He was also seen putting his hand on the waist of a mystery women while in the club.

Kate was “less than pleased” when she discovered this, according to Vanity Fair sources.

While Prince William was on holiday, the Duchess of Cambridge was left at home in the UK with their two children at the time, Prince George, now five, and Princess Charlotte, now three.

Kate, along with the Queen, 92, Prince Charles, 69, Prince Harry, 34, and other senior royals all attended Westminster Abbey for a Commonwealth Day service in William’s absence.

At the time, the British press called the Duke of Cambridge “throne idle” for skipping the ceremony.

“It was William’s choice to go away, but make no mistake Kate wears the trousers in their marriage,” a source told Vanity Fair back in 2017 at the time of the incident.

Kate Middleton: Prince William angered Duchess of Cambridge when he did this on Verbier ski trip (Image: Getty Images)

Prince William enjoyed a lad’s holiday with friends in Verbier, Switzerland in 2017 (Image: Getty Images)

“She won’t be happy with William’s antics. She thought his partying days and larking around with the boys was a thing of the past.

“I imagine she’ll find this humiliating and William will have come in for a pasting.”

The royal couple appear to have put the lad’s holiday debacle behind them now and seemed more loved-up than ever at Princess Eugenie’s wedding last month.

Kate and William often travel together but they do still carry out royal engagements alone from time to time.

Last year, Kate flew to Luxembourg alone for a one-day visit without Prince William.

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Kate Middleton and William seemed more loved-up than ever at Princess Eugenie’s wedding last month (Image: Getty Images)

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She visited the country in 2017 for the fleeting visit celebrating the 1897 Treaty of London to mark the 150th anniversary of the countries independence.

Kate visited the country at the request of Her Majesty’s government and left Prince George and Princess Charlotte at home along with Prince William.

Throughout the day, she visited the Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art and Drai Eechelen Museum.

It was only the second trip she has ever undertaken as a Royal Family member by herself.

She also visited The Netherlands in 2016, making an appearance at The Hague and Rotterdam.

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