Long Stay Travel Insurance

Long Stay travel Insurance

To ensure that you stay safe while on the road, it is essential that you purchase a backpacker Travel Insurance policy before you leave. Backpacker policies are specially designed to meet your needs, by offering a high level of cover for an extended period of travel. You can purchase a backpacker policy for anything from one week to two years, and just because it is called a backpacker policy, doesn’t mean you have to be roughing it. The backpacker policy acts as an effective and cheaper alternative to a single trip travel insurance policy, offering a range of special cover extras such as ski and sports protection which you might need along the way. There are a number of features which you should look out for in any backpacker policy as an absolute minimum. When backpacking, there is also the higher risk of contracting some illnesses since the beds are placed close together and some of these rooms may have bad ventilation. Backpackers may be involved in some strenuous activities, which may cause injuries. Anywhere in the world, medical expenses can be very high. Backpackers insurance or long stay insurance is aimed at people traveling over an extended period of time, often visiting a number of worldwide destinations in the same trip. Backpacking insurance generally covers you for all you would expect from a standard travel insurance policy, including baggage cover and cancellation, plus many extras relevant to the adventure that you are about to embark on. Backpacker policy is specifically designed for adventure that carries minimum belongings in their backpack and set out to explore the world. They might go hiking in Alps or Himalayas or travel deep into the jungles of Australia or Africa. If you are planning for a trip abroad that could extend for more than a year then it is better that you purchase backpacker travel insurance before you leave for the destination. Backpacker insurance policy provides you extensive cover and comes handy in case of injuries or theft.

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