Medical Travel Costa Rica – A Hit

Medical travel Costa Rica – A Hit

There is no wonder that annually, about 35,000 individuals from different nations bond with medical travel in Costa Rica. Most visitors in other lands who also have undergoing health related care and attention are aware of how much time it takes, from waiting in line to waiting for months. Aside from this trouble, many medical procedures cost much and still won’t guarantee 100 % high quality and safety. Because of that, people are already looking for better choices and it just so happen that Costa Rica belongs to the common ones.

Medical travel, alias medical tourism, always has been a prosperous market in Costa Rica mainly a consequence of five reasons. First, the prices of health related medical therapy in the nation are relatively lower than those in the United States, Canada, as well as European Economic Community. Statistics show that medical Tourists can preserve to 70 % for medical procedures in Costa Rica, as opposed to what they might be in their own lands.

Secondly, the quality of health care in Costa Rica is tiptop. Most of the medicos, specialist physicians and operating surgeon in the country have either been educated or have had experience in United States of America and EU. Their literacy in English can be a immense advantage for medical tourists. Costa Rica is also the only nation in the world whose private hospitalsike CIMA hospital, Clinica Biblica, Hospital Metropolitano, Clinica UNIBE, Clinica Catolica, have all received JCI (Joint Commission International) official certification. In point of fact, the nation has been ranked 34th in the worlds health systems.

Next, medical travel in Costa Rica is popular for immediate medical treatment. While medical handling in other nations involves waiting for a long time, people who’ve been to Costa Rica say that inspecting hospitals there is a perfect example of how the patients come first before the scheme. 4th, the land is a very easily accessible destination. Placed at Central America, it is relatively close to the United States and Canada as opposed to nations from Asia. As a consequence, it does not take up too much travel time and costs.

Finally, Costa Rica is a perfect haven for medical tourists come from its rigorous attention to safety. In fact, the nation is actually named as the most peaceful country in Latin America in spite of the basic fact that it has abolished its military since 1949.

With the mixture of these five elements, it is no wonder then that medical travel in Costa Rica has continued to expand over the years. Paired with the wide selection of medical procedures it offers, Costa Rica will without doubt become a primary country soon in the field of medical tourism.

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