Most rated Dunedin tourist attractions

Most rated Dunedin Tourist attractions

Dunedin is one such region where natural beauty along with rich culture heritage sets a good example of the tourist spot. It is one such popular place where thousands of visitors come every year to either relax or spend some enjoyable time with family and friends. If you are looking forward to know more about the Dunedin tourist attractions, you need to either make a good research on it or go through this article thoroughly to know destinations that can be enhancing one. To know more about Dunedin tourist attractions, all you need to know is what the region is all about and why is it so popular? Here are 7 popular places that you should not give it a miss when you are at Dunedin: 1. St Clair Beach: A simple walk to this beach will surely give you a relaxing experience. With clean water and amazing scenic beauty you will surely enjoy the place. 2. Coffee in the Octagon: For coffee lovers, this place is a heaven. Head to Octagon and visit the place called Nova. There you will get amazing coffee house with great blend of coffee. 3. Tunnel Beach: If you have got a car, then don forget to go all time favorite beach that is the Tunnel beach. With a long tunnel carved from the rock, this place is the amazing one top visit. It is one of the best Dunedin tourist attractions that you must not visit. 4. Dunedin Public Art Gallery: If you are an art lover, you will surely love this place. It is located in Octagon is liked by the people for the creativity and ideas that have been displayed here. 5. Otago Museum: This museum is known for exploring variety of exhibits. It is one of the best yet free museums which you can visit. There are varieties of Edmund Hillary collection that you will definitely enjoy to watch out. 6. Wander the Botanic Gardens, Dunedin: Do not forget to visit this place and enjoy every bit of it. You can also enjoy feeding the ducks and visiting the Atrums. Certainly, you will not realize how the time passes by while watching the amazing creates and different species. 7. The University to Forsyth Barr Stadium: It is one of the popular fixed room stadiums which are made of real grass. It is one popular Dunedin tourist attraction and an amazing addition to the city. Don forget to visit this amazing piece of architecture. You can visit us at for more information about city. Now that you have got an idea about the best Dunedin tourist attractions, make sure you visit them all. Get your backpacks ready and set for the journey. Best of luck and have fun!

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