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Northern Lights 2018: Best places to watch in the world and the UK

Northern Lights: Where to watch in the world

Northern Lights: Where to watch in the world and in the UK (Image: Getty)

The Northern Lights are one of the most popular natural phenomena to watch in the world.

However, they can be difficult to see unless the conditions are right for the time of year and location.

They fluctuate in strength over an 11 year Solar Cycle, with them currently on the lower slump of the cycle in 2018.

However, they can be seen in particular locations both in the UK and abroad.

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Best places to see the Northern Lights in the UK

The best places to see the Northern Lights in the UK are where there is little light pollution.

Areas in Scotland are the best to spot them, as they are closer to the North Pole with many areas uninhabited, in particular, the Scottish Highland and Scottish Isles.

They can also be spotted in the Lake District, as well over the Brecon Beacons in Wales.

Giants Causeway in Ireland has also been a good location thanks to clear views over the sea song the Antrim Coast.

Northern Lights: Where to watch in the world

Northern Lights: Areas in Norway and Iceland have the least pollution to spot the aurora (Image: Getty)Best places to see the Northern Lights in the world

Tromso, a large city in Norway, is the best place to head as they experience something called Polar Night when the sun does not rise at all.

This means it is more likely to see the Northern Lights due to the lack of light.

Levi in Finland has experienced the aurora approximately 200 nights of a year, making the chances high of spotting them.

While locations such as Iceland and Sweden are considered the most likely places to see the Northern Lights, they can even be spotted in Canada and New Zealand.

This is due to the large portions of land that are away from civilisation, resulting in clear views of the sky.

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Northern Lights: Where to watch in the world

Northern Lights: Areas in the UK such as Ireland can also be good to spot them (Image: Getty)

Iceland is on a high “aurora alert” for November, according to experts.

Saevar Helgi Bragason, an Iceland astronomer explained: “Earlier this month a large coronal hole on the sun faced the Earth, sending solar wind hurtling towards us, leaving lucky spectators with a spine-tingling aurora borealis show.

“This gives those visiting Iceland between 02-07 November a very high probability of sighting the northern lights.”

The Northern Lights occur when solar particles hit the Earth’s magnetic field much lower during a large solar storm.

This results in the green and purple lights across the skies that are known as the Aurora Borealis.

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