Sato travel Government Sato Travel government agency is the largest service provider of its kind in the United States with incredible ticket sales of nearly $4.2 billion per year. The agency has been functional for fifty years now and has the reputation of offering great travel conditions to the U.S.Continue Reading

The Need For travel Insurance Travel Insurance is as essential as your passport, regardless of your travel destination. If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel! Travel insurance can cover the policyholder for insurable events that may occur before or during travel, such as trip cancellation orContinue Reading

How To Save On Corporate travel Costs Leading corporate travel management company, BCD Travel, offers the following ideas for effectively reducing corporate travel expenses: ?Insist on second approvals or senior-level approvals for all corporate travel ?Eliminate first/business class on domestic flights for all corporate travellers, including senior managers ?Allow businessContinue Reading