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Prince Harry admitted to doing this on holiday with Meghan Markle

Prince Harry: Surfing royal with Meghan

Prince Harry: He admitted to doing this with Meghan on holiday (Image: Getty)

Prince Harry, 34, has returned from his long trip with Meghan Markle, 37, exploring Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga.

The 16-day trip saw a number of projects undertaken by the royal couple, despite a few hiccups with Meghan due to being pregnant and jet-lagged.

However, during one of their appearances in Australia, Prince Harry admitted to a particular activity that the young royals partook in.

Many may be surprised to find out that the pair have previously surfed during a holiday.

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During a visit to Bondi Beach in Sydney, Harry was invited to don a wetsuit and join some of the other surfers.

However, he declined saying they had already done it before, although he admitted he had never waxed a board before.

Harry has previously been spotted surfing in Cornwall, joined by his brother Prince William.

The pair also surfed together before William’s stag do in 2010, heading to Devon for the activity.

Meghan, while never being spotted on a board, grew up in Los Angeles where it is popular to surf so may have tried it during her childhood.

Prince Harry: Surfing royal with Meghan

Prince Harry: The royal has often surfed before (Image: Getty)

However the royal admitted she does a lot of yoga, particularly for her mental health.

During the trip, she was often “up at 4:30am” being unable to sleep and would do some of the exercises.

She would often discuss her yoga activity with a famous photoshoot in Best Health in 2016.

Not only did she admit it kept her in good shape, but also kept her head clear while filming.

Her mother, Doria, is also a yoga instructor which is where her love of the activity began.

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Prince Harry: Surfing royal with Meghan

Prince Harry: His surfing began with William and his mother Diana (Image: Getty)

Many of the Royal Family members are sporty, with Kate Middleton also engaging in a number of activities.

She was on the hockey team while at school, along with being part of the rowing team.

Kate also joined Prince William to ski, along with their children for their annual holiday.

Prince George has recently revealed to be a fan of dancing also.

The Queen chooses to stay fit in other ways, mainly with long walks and horse riding.

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