Rural India Travel Guide

Rural India Travel Guide

India is a continent of mind-boggling landscape, vibrant sea-shores and green glitzy hillocks. This seventh largest country (by geographical area) represents a variety of people with different lingual status and places. Each places is embellished with the unique culture and heritage, offering a wide range of entertainment to the visitors.

Interestingly, the rural location in India constitute about 70 % of the total population. Each area symbolizes the in dept beauty, laid down my Mother Nature and a bit by our ancestors. Unlike exploring the urban beauty, a rural travel to India presents the brilliant fusion of archaic beliefs with modern inventions.
Lets take a snippet from India travel guide and plan journey onto the unexplored street of rural India

Make an idea of where and when to enjoy the bucolic beauty of India. Some popular rural villages in India are located at the core areas of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Assam etc.

To understand the roots of India and the simple rural folks, approach towards listening their words and carry forward the talk session. Be tactful in dealing with strangers.

Be an active participants in their cultural festive occasion and watch out the antique points in the Indian culture. Rajasthan, the royal state of the country is famous for its colorful fairs and festival. Take pleasure to enjoy a camel ride in world famous Pushkar fair and do not forget to pamper your taste bud with daal, baati, churma.

Rural India is well-known for agricultural attractions. Take a walk amidst the paddy fields, maize cultivations etc and make your mind to know about the techniques used by farmers. Fun-lovers can also enjoy staying at hay huts, build temporarily on the crop field.

Remember, your health matters a lot during traveling to foreign land. Be cautions about having foods and drinks. Its better to search for the hygienic stalls and eat food with discrimination. Take full precaution against insect bites and unusual diseases. Do carry a first aid box, contact list of certified doctors and emergency hospitals.

While you set on to pack your luggage, avoid carrying party wears and rarely used clothes. Maintain decency in your clothes and conversation, so that villagers feels comfortable to chat with you. Carry electronic equipments, like torch light, mobile charger, handy cameras etc.

Grab the pleasure of wandering each corner of the place starting from soothing areas to clumsy local bazaars. Buy exclusive items, displayed by village vendors and women folks during the fairs and festivals, there.

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