SIM card for China travel Real help for travelers

SIM card for China travel Real help for travelers

If you are planning to visit a Chinese city on vacation then consider taking a SIM card for China travel. It won be an international calling card that you could find even in your home country. It is a special mobile network service from Chinese mobile carriers. You would buy the card before setting out for your destination and get the card on landing at the destined airport.

You might ask about the usability of this card, when you could use your phone worldwide. Today one could use his phone anywhere in the world but he must be ready to pay for roaming calls. Taking international calling cards would help but it won cut your telephone expenses. The ideal behind offering a dedicated phone number is to help the user use the phone number like locals. You would become a local in Shanghai or any other Chinese city you are visiting.

This phone number would make you a local. You would get free incoming calls, get discount on roaming calls, if you go out of the network coverage and you would pay only for the calls made from the number. There would be a tariff plan that you would choose. You would be charged for local and international calls. If you think that you might need a local number during your stay then you should get the number before setting out for journey.

Buy a and start using it soon after your landing. You would need calling your Hotel and concierge service after landing at the airport. You could provide your new number to the concierge service after you have selected a number. During your stay, you could use the local number without any fear or apprehension like paying huge bill for making local calls.

SIM card for China travel would be your true companion during your stay. It would keep you connected to your hotel and also to your friends and family members at home. The greatest advantage of using a local phone number is that you would save considerable amount that you would otherwise spend in making local calls from your personal phone number.

Buying a SIM card for China travel and using the number won be an expensive affair. The card could be bought online and you would be charged for the calls that you would make and not for receiving calls or staying connected.

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