Spain Toledo Tourist Attractions

Spain Toledo Tourist attractions

Toledo, 68 km to the southwest of Madrid, is a fascinating Spanish city. While the large cities and towns of Spain boast of flashy contemporary lifestyle, this historic city has carefully restored the past of historic Spain. Considered as one of the treasures of Spain, Toledo is the perfect place to discover Mediaeval Spain.

Perched on top of a hill on the bank of the Tagus River, Toledo has harmoniously amalgamated the Jewish, Christian and Moorish heritage of Spain. The architecture of the historic city displays Roman and Gothic styles, a legacy of medieval Spain. With donkeys more common than automobiles on the roads of the historic city, Toledo has an enchanting rustic charm.

Popular Toledo Tourist Attractions

Cathedral The most prominent attraction of Toledo, the Cathedral is one of the best examples of Gothic architecture in Spain. As it took over two centuries to construct the cathedral, the architecture has incorporated diverse styles that evolved during the construction period. The ornate interior adorned with sculptures is among the finest works of sculptors of medieval Spain. The important attractions in the cathedral include a 15th century ostensorium made with gold brought to Spain by Columbus from the New World and works of Narcisco Tome, Goya and El Greco. The cathedral also has a souvenir shop from where you can buy lovely ceramic items.

Museo de Santa Cruz This art and sculpture museum of Toledo has some of the best works of El Greco, Ribera and Goya. In addition to the artworks of the famous Spanish artists, the museum boasts of a huge collection of ornate antique artifacts and furnishings.

El Greco Museum Located in the historic Jewish quarter of Toledo, Casa y Museo de El Greco is an art museum dedicated to the famous Spanish artist of the 16th century El Greco. Not to be missed is the living room and the kitchen decorated with authentic furnishings.

Monsterio de San Juan de los Teyes The 16th century church, built to celebrate the victory of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella over the Portuguese, is one of the major religious sites of Toledo. Located to the west of the historic quarter of Toledo, the architecture of the church has conglomerated Spanish, Gothic and Flemish elements.

Sinagoga de Santa Maria La Blanca A 12th century synagogue constructed by the Jews of the city was later converted into a Christian church. In this ornamental church, you can see most of the original features of the ancient synagogue.

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