Thailand Travel Guide Great place to visit

Thailand Travel Guide Great place to visit

As one of the world , Thailand has long been known for its diverse culture and entertainment are very rich, and there are always new things that you can find. This Thailand travel guide tried to summarize some attractions and activities you can experience in a country renowned as the and of Smiles?is. Kingdom of Thailand lies in the heart of Southeast Asia, making it the gateway to Indochina (Vietnam, Cambodia), Myanmar and South China. Population is very Thai royal family and religious respect, therefore we should wear modest clothing when visiting the palaces, temples and religious places, for example by not wearing shorts or sandals. Thailand travel guide more comfortable

Traditionally, Thais greet each other with a wai, the clenched hand across his chest. If there are people that give Thai wai to you, you should reply in the same way. Avoid touching the head (although the kids), because the head is considered the holiest in the body. Also it is not polite to point to something with legs. This is the thing that cannot be gotten on the Thailand Travel guide since you will feel more and more comfortable by experiencing by yourselves.

Since the most of Thai people are Buddhists, Theravada wing (part of the Hinayana), but the King of Thailand to support and protect all existing religions in accordance with religious tolerance is excellent. Islam is the religion of the largest minority, along with other religions such as Hindus, Sikhs and Christians and Catholics. Some places of worship also provide worship in English. For sure, you will feel enjoy this country much since the combination between traditional, religious and modern life will be for you. For the other attraction can be gotten in detail in that must be checked it first before you go around in this country.

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