The Many Benefits Of Travel Speech Therapy Jobs

The Many Benefits Of travel Speech Therapy Jobs

If you’re an experienced speech therapist with at least a couple years’ experience under your belt and you have an urge to travel, consider taking on some travel speech therapy jobs.

You really can have the best of all worlds — you’ll be able to travel the country, live in different cities, meet new patients and colleagues, and get paid very well, too!

We know that you became a speech therapist because you want to help people get their lives back. Taking on travel speech therapy jobs will help you do that in a variety of situations, in a variety of rehabilitation and hospital settings. What’s more, the traveling aspect will enhance your own “lifestyle portfolio” in a big way.

In addition, working on travel speech therapy jobs will mean you’ll be working in rehab environments to which you otherwise wouldn’t have access. You could be working at some of our country’s premier healthcare and rehab facilities, with some of the nation’s leading speech therapists. You also could find yourself working in a remote location caring for an underserved population where your skills are much needed and much appreciated!

Taking on travel speech therapy jobs could see you working and living in Colorado, enjoying the skiing (winter) and hiking (summer) opportunities in the Rocky Mountains on your days off. Or, if you love the ocean, you could live and work in Southern California near Malibu. Or, if you enjoy lake fishing and sailing, why not work as a speech therapist in a small town along the shores of Lake Huron, Michigan, Erie or Ontario?

In fact, you never know: you could so enjoy living and working in one location that you decide to make your travel assignment’s town your permanent home.

Another great perk of travel speech therapy jobs is the fact that your daily per diem rate will be highly competitive. In addition, your travel therapist placement service more than likely will provide you with attractive, safe, free housing (or give you a healthy stipend so that you may find accommodations on your own). Add to the benefits mix a 401(k) retirement plan and travel expenses and you can see how attractive working as a travel speech therapist can be.

The average length of a travel speech therapy assignment is between 13-26 weeks, so you’ll have plenty of time to get a good feeling for your rehab facility and the town in which you’re working.

So if we’ve piqued your interest about travel speech therapy jobs, please take a look around our site to see if any open positions appeal to you. Then, fill out our “apply now” form and one of our recruiters will contact you quickly. Enjoy your journey!

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