Tourist attractions IN VENETO

The Veneto region of Northern Italy, located on the Gulf of Venice is the perfect tourist destination. The place offers a variety of tourist attractions and has been declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO due to all the historical monuments and archeological wonders that it boasts of.

Here are some of the famous places of the region:

Marostica which houses the two castles –the Castello Superiore (Upper Castle) and the Castello Inferiore (Lower Castle). Yet another attraction of the place is the custom started in 1954 ?The Chess Game . In this game the players are dressed in medieval costumes. It starts on a Friday night and goes on till Sunday.

The Alpine Bridge over the Brenta River built in the sixteenth century by the famous Italian architect Andrea Palladio.

Bassano del Grappa, a very pretty town with petite houses was founded by the Romans over 2000 years ago. The city has some very unusual museums namely a ceramics museum, Poli Grappa Museum, (Grappa is a potent liquor), and a museum honoring the Italian Alpine troops. The town also has many historic churches.

Verona, the Shakespearean city which was the adobe of the famous Romeo and Juliet. This city is popular for its stunning architecture and wine production. Another striking fact about the city is that it is also the center of olive oil production.

Vicenza is known as the laboratory of the most famous architect Andrea Palladio. Also known for its wine production and for being the origin of the famous Asiago cheese.

Padova the economic centre of the region. It houses the most famous universities in Italy. Padova has some magnificent art collections like the Arena Chapel — with its 38 frescoes by Giotto . Colli Euganei has green hills and is a source of pure mineral water. It also has one of the best food markets in Italy.

The beaches of Veneto are worth a visit for relaxation and water sports. Four sites in . Veneto have been marked by the UNESCO as World Heritage Sites :

?the city of Verona ?the city of Venice and its Lagoon ?the city of Vicenza and the Palladian villas of the Veneto ?the Botanical Garden of Padova

So make sure that you pay a visit to Veneto on your Italian holiday. A trip to Veneto would definitely be filled with a lot of things to do and places to visit.

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