Tourists should adapt to the local habits

Tourists should adapt to the local habits

Travelling to a different culture can be an overwhelming, indeed, even an intimidating experience. It is very easy for misunderstandings to occur, and tourists are often deterred from places of cultural interest through fear of offending the indigenous people. therefore, some would argue, it is up to the locals to accomodate visitors by speaking their language, serving their cuisine, and generally making them ‘at home’.without doing this, local perple can be considered as unfriendly and viewed with suspicion by travellers.consequently they are dissuaded from staying, which is ultimately detrimental to the local community, as the tourists take their spending-money with them.
The counterview argues that acting naturally does not necessarily equate with being unfriendly.if a local person wishes to live their life as his or her ancestors have done for centuries then visitors should show respect and allow them to do fact,many would argue that immersing one’s self in a different culture is vital in order to truly appreciate it.nothing is gained by travelling,potentially,thousands of miles to experience the same language,food and culture that could have been found a few miles down the road from one’s house which is near to a plant .ultimately,it is a waste of money,nothing is learned from the experience,and the memories saved will be less vivid.
This is the point of view i take.although it is vital for many countries’ economies to welcome tourists,it does not have to imitate them so as to encourage their stay.if travellers have the right mind-set and show respect,all they need to do is to let the locals carry out their day-to-day lives to gain many insights into the this way,visitor and host can mutually benefit each other, through an increased income, and an enriching experience, respectively.
In addition,imitating can let us gain insigts into other countries.we not only can know whats people’s life is like in other counties,we also can be enlarged our knowledge and broaded our horizon,which will be cherish wealth in our life.
To sum up.tourists should adjust themselves adapt to the local habits and customs, which will make them fully enjoy their travel and live in harmony!

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