Travel Alarm Clocks Why You Mustn Travel Without Them!

travel Alarm Clocks Why You Mustn Travel Without Them!

If youe one of those people who traipse around the world, then, you know what late nights, early morning flights and jet lag can do to your inner clock. Add to that the disorientation of staying in a strange place and waking in an unfamiliar bed and you have all the reasons to miss that important flight.

Travel alarm clocks are your trusted, faithful allies when you travel. They help you get the sleep you require since they are an assurance that you will not oversleep no matter how little youe slept or how tired you are.

Travel alarm clocks come in different varieties, from the soporifically simple models that simply scream out their wake up call to sophisticated models that have more features that you can imagine.

Some of the more interesting models of travel alarm clocks include:
Time zone clocks: These clocks are simple and staid. They show the time in the time zone youe left and the time zone youe in. So, you need not calculate the time back home.
Sound therapy clocks: If youe the kind of person who finds it hard to sleep in strange rooms, then, these sound therapy travel alarm clocks are for you. They have different types of music that instill a sense of deep relaxation and tranquility in the mind, thereby lulling you to sleep gently. These clocks come with different alarm sounds.
Children clocks: If you are traveling with your tiny tots, you might want to give them their own alarm clocks. These clocks are bright and cheerful and come with music that cheers up the cranky, half-asleep child.

Obviously, the above is just a short list of travel alarm clocks available in the market. When you set out to buy an alarm clock, unless you know what exactly you want, you are likely to be stumped by the varieties available.

So, what are some of the important features to look out for in travel alarm clocks?

What is the power source: Most travel alarm clocks are powered by small batteries. Some might have plug-in cords in addition to the batteries. Plug in cords are not a must but offer the owner the consolation of making the alarm clock work even if the batteries are used up.

Dual time: If you like to keep in touch with your home base, you may be better off with an alarm clock that shows dual time. Also, some clocks show time in the 24-hour format, which might get a tad confusing. Understand your needs before you purchase.

Alarm settings: The alarm settings must be the type that suits your personality. In most modern alarm clocks, the repeat alarm feature is provided. Make sure that you buy an alarm clock that is determined to wake you up!

Bells and whistles: Different clocks come with different extra features. Most of these are a matter of personal preference and are not really mandatory.

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