Travel, Prosperity, Integrity

travel, Prosperity, Integrity

Travel, Prosperity, Integrity is three powerful words to describe this company called Pyxism. The founder, Lloyd C. Wilson, has come up with a creative approach to entrepreneurs with travel related products and his incredible follow me matrix system. Popular travel opportunities that are out there offer compensation plans that only benefit only a few people. Mr. Wilson has come up with a plan that uses leverage and incomparable algorithms to position individuals to attain awesome wealth with just a small investment of $325. This can be very advantageous for a beginner entrepreneur since you can also enjoy premium vacations for a fraction of the actual retail price. The start up cost is one of the most economical and the possibility of turning that investment into $8,000 per month is mind-boggling.

Pyxism products are discounted travel packages that range from a 3-day Bahamas Cruise to a 5-day stay at a 5 star resort in Cabos St. Lucas. To get this travel package a member must first make a purchase with this product. There are also other discounted travel memberships on several packages that include:

?Assortment of European travel packages
?Florida designed trips for up to 8 people with discounted amusement activities.
?Las Vegas packages including flight and $500 worth of gambling chips.
?Dream week travel packages to anywhere in the world.
?Mexican Luxury and Golf travel packages for up to 8 people.
?Assortment of Australian travel packages
?Wonderful Discounted Cruises

Travel, Prosperity, Integrity is always on the minds of entrepreneurs when they are associated with these types of quality products. The Pyxism Compensation Plan is an improved follow me matrix in which positions are filled from top to bottom and it never splits away. All of your team members go beneath you and you become the top of your own matrix. Your matrix is part of your sponsor matrix, which promotes team growth, so your next 2 levels are the bottom level of your sponsor matrix. It only takes 14 people to cycle to the next board instead of the usual 32 people.

The two levels of the matrix are called the Compass and the Horizon. A member gets compensation when they cycle out of the two in the matrix. When you fill out all your positions in the Compass matrix and you cycle out, you get entry into the upper level of the Horizon matrix. The earning potential of this system looks like a great opportunity to make an incredible income. The important aspects of a strong business are the relationships you build and the trust that you earn. The slogan Travel, Prosperity, Integrity becomes a substantial reminder on how to achieve that prosperous business.

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