Travel Safely With Your Horses

travel Safely With Your Horses

Taking your horse to a show can be stressful and a lot of hassle, especially after spending days polishing tack and grooming. Generally these tasks are relatively straight forward and usually don go wrong. The worst part of preparing for a show is getting to the venue. Some horses are difficult to transport and there are many things that you have to check before you set off.

Towing a horse box is not as straightforward as it may seem and in most cases you will need to pass a test to be able to tow the trailer. For more information on licences and regulations have a look at the DVLA website, if you type towing into the search bar you will be taken to the relevant information.

You will need to have a car which is capable of towing the horse box. Every vehicle manufacturer has to give a maximum towing limit, which can be found in the vehicle handbook and also on the chassis plate, usually found under the bonnet. As a rule the gross weight of the trailer should not exceed 80% of the weight of the car. The best vehicle to use is a four-by-four, as many cars are not designed to tow the weight even if they say that it is safe to do so. The breaks and suspension may not be able to cope. It is an offence to exceed the car towing limit, so make sure you check.

As well as having to check the maximum weight limit, you should also test your breaks with the trailer attached. When loading your horses make sure that they are loaded in the right way. When travelling two horses on a double horse trailer, it is essential that the heaviest horse is loaded on the right hand side of the partition, so that it travels behind the driver side. This will help to keep the trailer in balance as it corners.

If a single horse is being travelled in a double horse trailer with partition, it must be loaded on the right hand side of the partition. This will help to keep the trailer in balance, as it goes around corners.

If you have a single horse that prefers to travel on a double horse trailer, it is essential that you have bars fitted to give your horse support.

Remember you can always explore , then you can evaluate the needs of your horse and the suitability of your car. Horse boxes are expensive, so it is worth testing a few out before you hand over the cash.

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