Travel tips around Scotland

travel tips around Scotland

When planning that all important trip and packing up your back it is important not only think about how you are going to get from wherever you are to the North, but also about how you are intending to travel from Edinburgh to Dundee once you are within the Highlands.

It is important to do research before you set off regarding the different types of terrain that you may be thinking of visiting, or that you may decide last minute too.

The most obvious ways to travel are as follows:

One of the fastest and easiest ways to travel is by train. You don have to worry about directions, rough terrain or have the responsibility of the safety (or comfort) of the passengers you are sitting with. You can just hop on, relax and enjoy the views, safely.

Another way to travel is by coach. There are several coach companies and long weekend packages that don cost much money. You can enjoy the views, and there are even convenient and scheduled stops with some companies where you can get a good hoto opportunity?

Obviously, the most independent way of travelling around Scotland would be in your Land Rover (perfect for off-roading and the terrain of the Scottish mountains. However if you are visiting any of the Scottish cities such as Dundee or Edinburgh, a city street car like a Seat would give you even more freedom and are completely versatile for navigating the city streets.

Lastly, there is the option of a boat. With rivers, lochs and lakes to explore within the green countryside of the Scottish Highlands you can relax, sit back, and watch the world go by.

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