Use Acrylic Fish Bowls To Create A Travel Section In Your Pharmacy

Use Acrylic Fish Bowls To Create A travel Section In Your Pharmacy

Modern pharmacies offer much more than prescription services. They sell personal care items, cleaning products, gifts, and even food. The pharmacy has become a convenience store, of sorts, with customers stopping in to purchase everything from toilet paper to cereal. Adding a travel section makes a pharmacy even more useful to consumers who live in town or are passing through on a journey.

Before leaving for a vacation, people typically refill their prescriptions so they will not run out of medicine while traveling. Since these customers are already in the store, make their shopping trip more productive by offering travel supplies like sample size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, mini makeup kits, and hand wipes. Store these items in acrylic fish bowls so shoppers can easily identify the contents and grab what they need.

Not all travel destinations feature the comforts of home. Stocking travel size hair dryers, curling irons, and clothes irons allows people to travel with everything they might need. These items either fold or feature a slim profile for packing in luggage. Many travelers leave at least one thing off their packing list, remembering it on the way to the airport. If their pharmacy features a travel section, they can stop in to purchase a shower cap, pocket-sized umbrella, or other hard-to-find accessory.

Food is a travel necessity for many people, especially families traveling with young children. A pharmacy can meet the snack needs by offering snack size bags of chips, pretzels, and cookies. Packets of powdered drink mix are perfect travel companions because they can be stored in a purse or pocket and mixed with water. In addition to sweet treats like candy, pharmacies should stock healthy alternatives including granola bars and trail mix.

Entertainment is another travel must-have for most vacationers. Pharmacies should sell paperback books, magazines, and activity books for children. Offering a small assortment of travel games like auto bingo or spy?will make pharmacies a favorite with parents who need to entertain cranky kids. If the family has a portable DVD player, a kid-friendly DVD can be a lifesaver on a long journey.

Dedicating one section of the pharmacy to these and other travel-friendly products is an easy way to enhance sales. Travelers will be thrilled to find travel-sized toothpaste, hand sanitizer, and more in acrylic fish bowls. They will also pick up some snacks, candy, a book or magazine, and the tissues they forgot to pack for the kids.

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