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Video shows terrifying aftermath when plane's cabin pressure drops on flight to Dublin

The passengers were flying on flight 0B3755 with Blue Air when the incident occurred.

During the flight, the cabin pressure appeared to drop which forced oxygen masks to fall from the overhead lockers.

In the video, passengers could be seen panicking while looking after children who were crying.

Most of them had already put their oxygen masks on while flight attendants spoke to other passengers.

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The plane took off from Cluj-Napoca in Romania and was bound for Dublin Airport.

However, after an hour, the plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Bratislava Airport in Slovakia.

According to Romanic news Alba24, passengers could smell burning while others complained they were not receiving oxygen from the masks.

Thankfully no-one was injured and passengers boarded another plane to continue their journey.

Blue Air later confirmed to the news website the emergency landing was a precaution following sensors indicating a depression in the cabin.

Flights: Cabin pressure drops in viral video

Flights: Passengers were terrified when air masks fell mid-flight after the cabin pressure dropped (Image: Facebook/ Ozmen Corina Gina)

The airline issued a statement in regard to the incident: “The Boeing 737-800 aircraft operating flight 0B3755 on the Cluj-Dublin route took off at 10.10 (Romanian time) and after approximately one hour flight the commander requested landing at the nearest airport, for performing additional checks.

“Thus, around 11.40, the aircraft landed under normal conditions at Bratislava Airport (Slovakia).”

A similar incident happened in 2016 on the same airline when the cabin pressure dropped.

The plane was travelling from Milan to Bucharest when the air masks dropped from the ceiling.

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Flights: Cabin pressure drops in viral video

Flights: Children could be heard crying in the video (Image: Facebook/ Ozmen Corina Gina)

Passengers also reported their oxygen masks not working, with many “gasping for air,” according to Mail Online.

The airline later confirmed that protocols were followed and no-one was injured in the incident.

An investigation was launched with technical checks to find out what caused the malfunction.

Blue Air is a Romanic airline launched in 2004 and has been the largest Romanian airline since 2016.

They recently bought Moldova flag carrier Air Moldova in a €61.5 million deal.

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