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WATCH: Passenger shocked to see woman do this before the flight

The video captured a group of passengers waiting to board a flight.

Waiting near the boarding desk, an older woman walked towards the airport tannoy phone.

The person filming then said: “Such a chief,” as the woman, clad in a pink floral top, picked up the phone.

What she did next shocked many online.

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The woman used the tannoy system to say: “All the Cleveland folks need assistance at D17 please.”

Her calling was met with cheers and clapping, presumably as they were waiting for their flight.

The woman, however, seemed nonplussed and not particularly happy.

She walked off looking rather annoyed still, heading back to her seat.

The video has had more than 255,000 views on the well-known Instagram account Passenger Shaming.

Flights: Passenger airport tannoy in viral video

Flights: A passenger was caught doing this in a viral video (Image: Instagram/ gio.travelkid6)

Flights: Passenger airport tannoy in viral video

Flights: She used the airport tannoy system to complain (Image: Instagram/ gio.travelkid6)

Many Instagram users had something to say about the power move by the passenger.

One person said: “Me when I get slightly less attention than I deserve.”

Another remarked: “I could totally see my mom doing this.”

One user had more questions: “What help did they need though?”

Some people looked forward to doing it themselves in the future: “This encapsulates exactly why I look forward to my later years and not giving a f***.”

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Flights: Passenger shocked to see this on plane

Flights: Passenger airport tannoy in viral video

Flights: Her announcement was met with cheers (Image: Instagram/ gio.travelkid6)

The Instagram account Passenger Shaming is known for sharing funny or rude passengers.

One woman was caught putting her bare feet on the tray table despite other people telling her to stop.

She refused and blamed a ballet injury for doing it.

Another passenger was caught shaving in his seat during the flight.

He seemed obvious to how rude and unhygienic he was being.

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