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WATCH: Viral video of bikini-clad woman falling off swing on beach

The young woman appeared be on holiday with her partner as they were clad in their swimwear on the beach.

They both sat on the piece of wood which was attached to two palm trees by rope.

As they sat down, they put their arms around each other and prepared to swing.

At first it seemed to go well, only for it to quickly go wrong.

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The couple could not stay on the swing as the piece of wood dropped them into the shallow water.

They both fell backwards with a large splash into the water.

As they both tried to recover in the water on their hands and knees, they forgot about the swinging piece of wood.

The man, who began to stand up, was hit on the back of the head by the swinging apparatus.

The woman then reached over to make sure he was okay, although he was most likely just embarrassed.

Viral video: Bikini woman swing fail

Viral video: A young woman had an embarrassing incident on the beach swing (Image: Imgur)

Viral video: Bikini woman swing fail

Viral video: The young couple quickly realised their mistake on the swing (Image: Imgur)

The video has had more than 729,000 views already with many finding the situation hilarious.

One person asked: “Hah! Someone put that swing up as a trap; there’s no way to operate it without that happening!”

Many realised it was a seat, not a swing and was most likely made for taking photographs.

Another Imgur user remarked: “The part when he was hit on the back head was the funniest.”

Some users were a fan of the person taking the video, who was shaking in amusement: “I love how you can see the laughter of the camera man.”

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Viral video: Bikini woman swing fail

Viral video: The man was then hit on the head with the swing (Image: Imgur)

One person missed the point of the funny situation completely. They said: “And here I was expecting that dog to start pooping in the foreground.”

It is hardly the first time an embarrassing accident has been caught on camera during a relaxing holiday.

A young woman was attempting to get a picture in the Bahamas while standing in a deep hole in the rocks.

Suddenly, a spray of water came up and she put her arms above her head and posed.

The water gained strength and it suddenly knocked her from her feet with a large blast from the sea.

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