what is the best time for your china travel

what is the best time for your china travel

China has an immense territory totaling 9.6 million square kilometers(3.7 million square miles – slightly smaller than the USA) with the largest population of any country in the world at approximately 1.3 billion (one fifth of the world population, and more than four times the USA). China includes over 5000 islands in and around its coastline with the Taiwan province and Hainan Island being the two largest. On this vast area of land, there are high mountains, long rivers, undulating hills, boundless plains and fertile basins. Climate – China is so far-reaching the climate differences between north & south, and east & west are significant. Spring ?February, March, April Summer – May, June, July Autumn ?August, September, October Winter ?November, December, January My first choice on the most comfortable time to Travel to China and plan your China vacation would be autumn. This is a lovely time of year, not too hot or humid, with temperatures around 20’C to 25’C. Spring,would be my next choice, with temperatures around the same as at autumn time. The Summers are very hot and humid, Shanghai is around 35’C moving to 40’C, very sticky and humid. The winter are cold, Shanghai reaching down to 0’C, and Harbin in the north (where the illuminated winter ice sculptures are a magic showcase), can get between -15’C to -30’C. (Ouch!) The best place to escape the cold weather is to Southern China. Spring and Autumn are busy tourist times, especially for Beijing and Shanghai , the business and tourist traffic never seems to slow down. China, being so vast and with recently relaxed restrictions on domestic travel, generates massive numbers of native Tourists; foreign visitors regularly compete with locals for space. The most busiest times of the year are the following times, Spring Festival, this would be the Chinese New Year time, (early January/around the end on January / Early February), Labour day Holidays, (early May), and National Day Holidays, (early October). Millions of Chinese travel at these times of the year, major congestion, most are travelling back to home towns or seeing family. Hotels, Cars, Trains, Planes, Buses, Roads?all packed to the maximum.

At this warm and comfortable season,it would certainly be an exhilarating experience for tourists to see the rising sun and the sparkling blue sea at Beiudaihe and to linger at the foot of the Great Wall at Shanhaiguan. It may even infuse a new enthusiasm into your life. The reward for travelling rough ware the discovery of many fantastically beautiful scenes. Famous mountains in various places would find you coming back for revisits during different seasons. There you are, marveling at the kaleidoscopic spectacles during the diff.

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