Where to Find the Cheapest Airfare and Travel Insurance

Where to Find the Cheapest Airfare and travel Insurance

Today, there are hundreds of travel buying websites that promise cheap airfare at rock-bottom prices. As a savvy traveler, how can you separate the best from the rest to make sure that your money is well spent when booking your next vacation?

How to Book a Cheap Flight Online

Before booking a flight for your next vacation using a travel discount website, take the time to do your homework and compare a number of sites prior to making a final decision. The reason that it is important to research in advance is because popular travel websites like Orbitz and Expedia are actually owned by airline companies.

If you stick with the top-rated travel websites, you’ll be a victim of the airline monopoly and won’t be able to take advantage of the best deals available. It helps to search for discount flights through a number of travel websites to ensure that you find the most competitive rates online.

On top of that, many major travel websites neglect to list economy airlines and local carriers since they don’t want to pay the booking commission. For unbiased search results, look for a travel website that doesn’t have an affiliation with a specific airline to receive results that reflect the cheapest rates available.

When in doubt, consult a budget airline website directly to find out if cheaper rates are listed. The official website for Southwest often provides discounted fares at $99 or less to and from certain cities; budget airline JetBlue intermittently offers one-way tickets for as low as $39.

From there, it matters what time you book if you want to lock in the cheapest tickets available. If you plan on visiting family for a major holiday with non-negotiable dates, it’s important to buy your tickets a minimum of three weeks in advance to keep them affordable.

Yet if your dates for an upcoming vacation are negotiable, try to book off-season with flexible dates, if possible. Outside of the holidays and peak summer months, airports are typically less crowded and will be able to provide additional discounts to encourage travelers to fly in the slow season.

How to Get Cheap Travel Insurance

Before planning any major vacation, don’t leave home without the right travel insurance policy. Purchasing a specific travel insurance plan for your getaway will help you to save money by buying either annual or single trip coverage. On top of that, specialized protection may be available to cater to your vacation, like coverage for backpackers, business travelers, and family trips.

To save money on travel insurance, keep your options open. You may be presented with a long list of protective coverage to provide security during your vacation, including insurance for lost baggage, medical issues, trip interruption, cancellation, evacuation, and much more.

Purchase Austin insurance based on a matter of priority to avoid unnecessary expenses. If you’re planning a honeymoon, for example, then you may want to buy trip cancellation or interruption insurance to make sure that your once-in-a-lifetime getaway is protected against unforeseen circumstances.

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