Traveling Tips from Pimsleur Approach – Scam Avoidance and Travel Guide

Traveling Tips from Pimsleur Approach – Scam Avoidance and Travel Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or planning your first international adventure, a heightened awareness of scams is important to keep you safe. Despite the allure of friendly locals, don’t let your guard down as you explore. Of course, there’s no reason to fear the rich discovery of world travel. But just as you would in your home country, make sure you pay attention to signs of an undesirable situation. To help keep you safe when you travel, we wanted to share Pimsleur Approach’s scam and safe traveling tips.

A traveler in distress can be an easy target for thieves. Make sure you’ve got an emergency action plan in place, whether it’s roadside assistance or medical attention. Friendly strangers willing to help change your tire might also relieve you of your valuables. In some cases, if you leave a rental car out of sight while you’re in a restaurant or shop, predatory people may deflate or even slash your tires.

Being taken for a ride
Cab drivers may charge a vastly inflated fare to foreigners – make sure you inquire what the fare will be before your journey begins, and don be afraid to negotiate if it seems unreasonable.

“I’ll be right back?
Don hand anyone your wallet, camera, phone – anything. Even if a stranger offers to take your picture, assume you’ll either be expected to pay up, or you might lose your camera. Ask the tour guide or another member of your party.

Impoverished children seeking your donation
Poverty exists worldwide, and while there is plenty you can do to ease people’s suffering, becoming a victim of a petty scam is not how you want to help. The sad reality is that many children are forced to beg by their parents, especially targeting sympathetic foreigners not used to the sight of hungry, barefoot kids. While many may simply hold their hands out, some might reach for your wallet or cell phone.

Before you go: do your homework
Many scams designed to fool Tourists into paying extra for an “authentic” experience are unique to specific countries and cultures. So make sure you comb the Internet for personal accounts of other travelers whoe been to your desired destination.

A foreign country is often home to friendlier folks than you’re used to at home. While you may feel charmed by their hospitality, remember that you as a guest are somewhat vulnerable. If someone buys you a drink, make sure you watch as it’s made. Not every trinket is an exotic treasure worth a high price. And if a restaurant or shop is filled with other tourists, youe probably not having an “authentic” or “famous” experience.

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Travel Mugs And Coffee Cups Making Your Outing And Beverage Sessions Smarter

travel Mugs And Coffee Cups Making Your Outing And Beverage Sessions Smarter

Mugs are essential things for taking any beverage; these are as important as the beverage itself. Travel Mugs are the need of every family and individual. Travel mug is necessary packing for any tour. It has great importance for touring people. The use of these mug is not limited only to tour, you may use it while at home also. Till few years back only, steel mugs were used for this purpose but now with the passage of time, variety has been changed. Now various types of stylish travelers mugs are available in the market. The increasing demand of tour purpose mugs apparently shows the users?changed behavior and preferences. Travel mugs are available in different materials like ABS, plastic, ceramics and steel etc. Well, travelling mugs made of ceramics are more popular.

Similarly coffee cups are now very popular for their exclusive designing. As the users are now very much fashion conscious so they always like to use fashion updated crockery items. Coffee or large size unbreakable cups are available in huge collection of variety and styles. When you will go market to buy these, you will come across with wide range of options. Your selection of any mug needs to be optimized on the basis of design, shape and size. Theme and Color are the other significant parameters for fashion smart travelers. Several reputed brands like Uglydoll provide range of attractive designs in beverages mugs.

Only the presence of Babo Blue, Uglydoll Ceramic mug makes you happy. Uglydoll Babo is not the new name. Now it has gained much reputation for changing the living style of fashion conscious people. Its design and a class different finish make the collection eye-catching and unique. These are microwave and dishwasher safe. These mugs come in variety of capacities but 10 Oz. This size is very much in demand. Each mug measures about 4 x 5 x 3.5 inch. The cartoon creature with comic face, buck teeth, wide smile and round eyes lightens the mood.

These coffee cups and travel mugs are now available on very reasonable prices. Moreover these types of mugs and cups specially attract the kids, so the kids who do not like to take milk or any other healthy drinks, smarty moms use these types of mugs to tempt them. In this way they easily take milk. You may get the full collection of these mugs on online stores also to avoid searching in the markets.

About the Author:- James J. Steve is writing the articles for coffeecakes. It offers gourmet gifts that include our best selling gourmet best coffee cake, fruit cakes, , ceramic travel mug, , tea cups and much more.

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Improved Sea Travel With The Latest Marine Electronics

Improved Sea travel With The Latest Marine Electronics

The maritime industry rely on modern technology to enhance process, methods and operations for travel. Sea navigation is becoming more and more manageable, cautious and more effective. To determine the location of your vessel, it used to take a couple of seconds. Now, by simply looking at a monitor, you can immediately figure out your specific location. It is also easy to track if there are other vessels approaching. Same as the latest vehicles, sea vessels can also have marine GPS systems and other instruments like the products by Furuno marine. Satellite imagery and auto-guide function is provided by this system to aid during travel. Charts, tide information, geospatial information and other helpful data can be provided.

Dedicated in offering innovative solutions, a lot of manufacturers provide different electronics. Navigational instruments, multifunction displays, autopilot systems, radars and wireless accessories are just some of the products. For ship owners who want to level up their performance, they can incorporate these innovative electronics to their vessels. This is turning into the standard in navigation and more and more people are purchasing these electronics as a necessary marine equipment. .

Many ship manufacturers, designers and engineers are already building ships, boats and yachts along with top quality facilities. Engineers are highly regarded especially if they specialize in marine electronics for enhanced and intelligent navigation.

Marine equipment can definitely provide visual information, weather conditions and necessary communications to make sea travel more manageable. With the right information and tools to handle challenges at sea, the captain and crew are more in control in these situations. To have the right knowledge, skill and understanding of how to use the modern equipment will be beneficial to the captain, crew and operators. They must be properly trained to understand charts and functions to efficiently operate the electronics.

For ship owners and engineers who are looking for innovative GPS systems, autopilot systems, radars, navigational instruments, multifunction displays, they can get the well-recognized and reliable brands in maritime technology. Garmin, Raymarine and Furuno marine are some of the trustworthy brands. These manufacturers are committed in providing high-end equipment that will definitely give people the upper hand in navigation.

Like cars, ships can have GPS systems and displays like the ones provided by . This provides satellite imagery and auto-guide function that helps during travel.

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Get travel insurance – Make sure it doesn’t happen to you!

Get travel insurance – Make sure it doesn’t happen to you!

Now this is a true story and shows what can happen when you least expect it. Picture the scene, Mr X is on his ski holiday and is waiting in the lift queue when someone careers into him from behind. The next thing he remembers is being stretchered off the mountain by an air ambulance and ends up in traction in the clinic. Luckily for Mr X he was covered by his and is now claiming back for damaged ski equipment, rescue costs, medical expenses, the unused portion of his lift pass and is considering taking out a third party claim against the reckless skier who hit him, which again his Travel Insurance should cover the legal expenses to do so. This is not an isolated event and resorts in Switzerland now have speed patrols to take action against the oy racers?and peed merchants?who endanger others by their actions. Other countries will follow suit as this trend increases.

But alarm bells should be ringing here, not just against the rise in the accident rate on the slopes but that recent surveys still show a high number of people going abroad without any at all. Whether this is just forgetfulness or a desire to live dangerously, it is shows that many people view as an extra expense which can be added or deleted depending on the holiday budget. But with price of premiums, particularly on the internet, being relatively cheap ?you can find a week Winter Sports cover to Europe for under 10, it does seem to be an unnecessary risk to take. It is not necessary to pay through the nose these days and if you are prepared to surf the net then there some excellent deals to be had.

So to go back to Mr X for a moment. Although he has had to come to terms with having his holiday cut short, he does now have the backing of his insurance company to recover most of his costs and maybe some compensation from his assailant. But picture the scene again if, like an increasing number of travellers these days, he had decided to overlook travel insurance. He would be facing hefty medical and rescue bills including the potential of being repatriated home at own cost. So the next time you are undecided about taking out travel insurance, do remember Mr X, unless of course you are one of that increasing band who do want to live dangerously!

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Careers Involving World Travel

Careers Involving World travel

The best advantage of recycling is that it helps in increasing an eco-friendly and greener environment. It is a very healthy solution to reduce pollution and promote healthy living. Such people usually prefer to constantly stay on the move by selecting career opportunities which enables them to travel across the different parts of the world.

They may end up choosing careers in anthropology (for instance, studying the lives of various tribes and their customs and traditions), archaeology (for example, historical excursions and excavations to discover new civilizations), tourism and hospitality industry (for instance, getting involved with airlines and cruise lines as on-board staff members), consultants (for example a professor who is invited as a part time international faculty), or other similar jobs like business executives, sales executives, diplomatic officers or volunteers and social service providers. Another option is to function as Diplomatic Security Engineering Officers, who are responsible for the protection of Department of State employees, infrastructure as well as confidential information. Ultimately, there could be a number of different reasons why you have back pain now, there are plenty of resources on how to fix a trapped nerve. There are some extreme cases that may last for several weeks.ks.

As with recycling the emission of such gases is controlled and thereby there is lesser pollution. They are hired to serve in overseas embassies and consulates, and the service areas are often located in remote and inhospitable areas where travelling is very inconvenient. If the pain is actually due to the compressed nerves then a specialist will recommend treatment accordingly. These are some of the common symptoms.

The industrial processes that are involved in the manufacturing of different products often release these toxic greenhouses gases that can be well reduced by recycling. In most cases prevention is always better than cure and you should avoid anything that may increase the pressure on the nerves. A good specialist will be able to tell if the pain in the back is due to this.

There is also physical therapy such as placing a heat pad on the back and also getting your back massaged by a specialist. Usually raw materials were obtained from the natural resources, but as after recycling the end-products can be put to use as well, it is like a double advantage. This situation causes pain and discomfort in the back which may gradually increase if treatment is not started soon.

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Erbil Travel to see the Top 5 Attractions

Erbil travel to see the Top 5 Attractions

The Hawler Tribune, an e-newspaper in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, has given Erbil the status of ‘the next Dubai’, in a news story published. Although Erbil may still be very far from what Dubai has achieved, hopes are high that it will attain the position one day. There is already a great focus on tourism in the city, given the archeological, historical and geographical richness of this place. So, if you want to explore this ‘next Dubai’, consider booking online flights to Erbil as soon as possible.

Flights to Erbil: Places to visit in Erbil

An essential step, along with booking flights to Erbil, is to plan your itinerary, so that your Erbil travel agent can find you the most suitable accommodation as well. Here is a list of the list of top Tourist attractions in Erbil to help you plan your trip:

1. Qaysari Bazaar: This is one of the best known landmarks and shopping centers of Erbil. If you are looking for souvenirs that with historical and cultural significance, you will find a wealth of antique stuff related to Kurdish culture.

2. Sheraton Plaza: This is a wedding venue, located near Sheraton Hotel. It is fully equipped with all modern day facilities and offers a very cordial environment to its guests.

3. Martyr Sami Abdul-Rahman Park: This is the biggest and most popular park in Kurdistan, featuring a huge lush, green space. With so many cafeterias, fresh green pastures, crystal clear water pools and other leisure pursuits, this amazing place holds the potential to rejuvenate your senses.

4. Gali Ali Beg: Located at a two-hour drive from the outskirts of Erbil, Gali Ali Beg is a must-see. Its stunning waterfalls, large camping grounds and scenic beauty attract numerous visitors throughout the year.

5. Minara: This is an ancient archaeological landmark. Almost 400 years old, this place is the perfect manifestation of the great art and architecture of that time.

As you explore the city, you will find numerous other amazing sights that will compel you to spend some more days at this beautiful place. So, plan your trip well in advance and make early bookings of flights to Erbil travel in order to avoid any last minute disappointments. The rich history of Erbil attracts many travelers to Erbil year round. However, due to its location being in Iraq, Erbil Travel has become an issue for international travelers who want to visit it for its rich history. Here is a brief outline.

In order to make your visit to Erbil city memorable, it is better to plan your visit with the help of associations and have a perfect experience. More information about the various aspects to be known this city can be found at the Online magazine .

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Astral Travel Music – How to Have Your FIRST Astral Projection in 60 Minutes (No Bull)

Astral travel Music – How to Have Your FIRST Astral Projection in 60 Minutes (No Bull)

Is astral travel real? Can you really have an out of body experience without any drugs, danger or needing to be “near death”? And if so….HOW so? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at how you can have your first astral projection experience in 60 minutes or less. (even if you’ve never even heard of any of this before!) Sound interesting? Great…..continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Okay…..but I heard you needed to be close to death or in some serious danger to have an astral projection experience. Isn’t that still true?

Absolutely not, no. The fact is, people have been having induced, planned and well documented astral projection experiences for hundreds (if not thousands) of years without ever being in any danger (or near death) whatsoever.

Aren’t drugs the ONLY way to induce an OBE without it happening spontaneously?

Again, not at all! While some people have used drugs to induce the OBE experience quite successfully (notably Timothy Leary, Stalisav Grof and many other early pioneers of altered states) the fact is, this is NOT the way 90% of astral projection experiences are induced. As a matter of fact…..I don’t recommend this approach at all, as it’s not legal, and not reliable either. (as in…you can never be sure if you had a real experience, or one driven by the drugs!)

So what is the fastest way to have my first projection experience in an hour? I’ve never been able to have ANY success before.

The truth? Using music, or special sound technology to “entrain your brain” into an altered state of consciousness is without question the most successful, and most easily replicable way to induce an OBE or astral projection. In reality, your brain waves can be synchronized to enter a state that most brain scientists believe is highly conducive to exceptional, transcendent experiences….and of course, the BIGGEST type of this experience is certainly one where your consciousness LEAVES your body, and enters into another realm.

Remember……tens of thousands of people have had SAFE astral projection experiences using sounds like binural beats, hemi and holo sync and other names for brain entrainment sounds and music. These are REAL experiences, where your consciousness shifts to a “non-local” perception….where you are experiencing things from a vantage point OUTSIDE of the one you are using to read this article right now..:-) It’s very cool….and it’s difficult to explain unless you’ve done it, and once you do….what you believe is possible about yourself, AND your “spirit” is never quite the same again!

Warning! Don’t get scammed by another “fake” Psychic EVER Again!

Skeptical? Good! Get a Here!

(the ONLY Online Psychic Reading That’s GUARANTEED to be Great……or You DON’T have to Pay!)

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Book your cheap holidays to Cape Town with Air Travel Experts UK

Book your cheap holidays to Cape Town with Air travel Experts UK

One of the most beautiful and the most diverse city of the world, Cape Town is a traveller dream whatever and wherever way you look at it from. Second largest city in South Africa after Johannesburg, Cape Town is beautiful, subtle and a city that you would truly fall in love with. With so many attractions and activities to do, Cape Town holidays are meant for one and all and for every occasion. The Table Mountains, the Cape Point, the beaches and numerous attractions will surely prove to be more than a handful when you book your holiday package to Cape Town. Along with Johannesburg, Cape Town serves as the gateway in to South Africa for all the commercial traffic in to South Africa and a getaway to explore the natural beauty of this African country. Holidays to Cape Town will surely an experience that is unforgettable and an experience that is one of its kinds!

Cape Town Holidays

Are you really looking for a holiday to Cape Town that is extra special and memorable? Air Travel Experts UK makes your holidays to Cape Town are special by offering you a vast range of deals and offers on Hotel and resorts in Cape Town and other worldwide destinations. We always strive hard to offer you the best of the deals and experience when you book your holiday package to Cape Town by offering you choices in the form of Tailor made or Customized packages. Booking a holiday can be a costlier affair but a right kind of planning and a right choice of agency can take you a long way in saving that little extra and that is what our job is at Air Travel Experts UK, our expert advisers and advise will surely be the way in saving that much extra. The presence of our suppliers locally provides us that extra edge when offering deals in terms of hotels and resorts. No matter what your budget and taste is you are sure to get your choice of deals when you book your or other worldwide destination with us!

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Adding the Numbers When You Travel

Adding the Numbers When You travel

When you add the numbers while traveling, you can have a whole range of benefits. First, you are acutely aware of how much you spend, so you don overspend at the beginning of your vacation. Second, you are aware of how much fuel and resources you are using to get from one place to another. This enables you to keep track of better and better ways to travel in an eco friendly manner in the future. Thirdly, you can keep track of where you are and the people with whom you associate, which is important because some cultures highly value creative skill and eco friendly or sustainable practices. If there are a lot of wise elderly people in your travel group who have experience with being eco friendly, then you can learn from them and add to your own private database of ecological information.

Adding the numbers when you travel also gives you the opportunity to be extremely aware of how the flow of humanity and the different layers of the service industry really interact and work together to bring their patrons a quality travel experience. Unfortunately, it is not a good idea to look at the underbelly of the service industry too much, or the agic?is lost in your eyes. One of the primary reasons why luxury or private vacations are so popular is that all of the work behind the scenes is never visible to the people for whom it is done. That is very valuable.

Now, the same situation applies in your office or your worksite. The cleanup crew, whoever they may be at the time, has to use chemicals to further the cleaning and disinfecting process, but the truth is that if you add the numbers, you will see that you can have an eco friendly supply of chemicals, a lot of different chemicals the ones your crew normally would use, which are all safe for planet earth. Now, that is one of the primary reasons why we encourage you to dump the products you are currently using, try our non-polluting sanitiser, , and mould rid, and try very hard not to look smug when you keep ordering from us while your competitors still use that harsh, sticky, filmy stuff which makes their work so much more difficult.

Try our eco friendly liquid products today, and check out our if you have machinery in your business. Call Envirosafe Solutions to place your order: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

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Airline Travel…3000 Miles With a Squealing Brat

Airline travel…3000 Miles With a Squealing Brat

I’ve just completed another one of those cross country flights from Seattle to Baltimore that I’ve come to ‘love’ so well. The flight itself was uneventful, good weather for flying and the dining fare of peanuts and soda was delightful. But seriously the folks at United were very nice, and all and all it wouldn’t have been a bad flight except for a ‘little’ problem that we had for the whole trip from Denver to Baltimore…. a non-stop wailing from some three year old across from the row I was sitting in. Is it just me or does every flight have one of these kids that will just not SHUT UP for the whole flight. And the worse thing is the mom just sits there smiling at the kid looking so proud and saying isn’t she just adorable. NO LADY, SHE’S A BRAT! Will you do something to muzzle her?

I was thinking, and this question is directed at the airlines themselves, would it be possible to install a wailing room on the airlines at the back of the plane? I mean could you install a sound proof room where all the moms and dads can take their little ‘darlings’ to sit and yoller and scream for four hours to their heart’s delight? It may sound like I hate kids but I don’t. I just don’t want to listen to some kid for four hours screaming and yelling, and the mom or dad saying, “time out Heather, time out”. It got to the point where me and the young man sitting next to me where making ugly faces at the kid hoping we would scare the kid into silence, but that didn’t work either.

If my travels are any indication, I believe there are many people who would be willing to spend a little more for a ‘sound proof wailing section’ at the back of the plan designated strictly for parents with young whinny children. We could designate it the ‘ Screaming, Hollering, Yoodling, Whining, Obnoxious Kid and Parent Section’. And for the rest of us it would be the ‘Silence is Golden’ section or perhaps ‘No Mo Noise’ or whatever. As Nike used to say, ‘Just Do It’.

Bill Thomas lives in Seattle, Wa. He is actively involved with E-Commerce and Internet Marketing. His current website is

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